Hurricane Season: It Starts June 1

By Jennifer Gill, Director of Global Product Marketing

hurricaneCNBC has reminded us that hurricane season is almost here. The report states that if a hurricane were to hit downtown Miami, it could cause up to $250 billion in damages; and if a hurricane hit Houston, it could cause almost $100 billion in damages. This gets the IT team thinking, “hmmm, when was the last time we tested our DR plan? I better start digging out the 3 inch binders and see if anything needs to be updated.”

Then the hunt for the results of the last test begins. Most likely, the practice run was done over a year ago. Zerto recently conducted a survey and found that almost 70% had run their last test over a year ago — or never!

So, what are your options for hurricane preparedness?

  • Stay with what you have: Well, you can run the DR test based on your current plan and see how it goes. If it has been a while, it probably won’t go well and aren’t you just a little concerned that executing a 300 page plan in the event of a disaster might yield a low success rate? Too many steps equal too many opportunities for errors.
  • Don’t fool yourself! Backup is not DR! As we all know, backup is not disaster recovery. If you are trying to recover your environment from a backup you aren’t recovering, you are building. Most backup solutions have very little automation and waiting for a VM to hydrate can be a painfully slow process.
  • Could DRaaS help? Yes it could! Cloud providers are experts in DR — they execute tests and failovers all the time. It can also be nice moving from a really big capital cost to a more reasonable monthly operational cost. We have many cloud providers here who can have you up and running fast.
  • What about redoing your own plan? I know you are thinking, there is no way I am doing that! The days of building, installing, testing are just too much. However, a hypervisor-based replication solution, like Zerto Virtual Replication, can be installed in 30 minutes. Seriously. I run our customer reference program and have the pleasure of speaking to all our great customers. The simplicity is overwhelming. When I say we are simple — I mean it! But don’t listen to me — listen to our customers Zerto Virtual Replication is simple and easy!

Finally, you are probably reading this because you might get hit with a hurricane, but did you know that most data center service interruptions are caused by hardware failures, software upgrades and power outages (not related to weather)? Check out our latest infographic to learn more.


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