This Week in Disaster Recovery Vol. 2

Disaster Recovery & Cloud News from Around the Web

Up this week: IT staffers responsible for most outages, and the Cloud Revolution explained.

In a recent post in Computerworld, author Patrick Thobideau asks, “Who’s to blame when data centers break?” The article quotes at study by Uptime Institute, a professional group that studies data center incidents, to say that, “a majority of problems are caused by outside parties like contractors or vendors, with a smaller but still sizeable percentage being the fault of internal IT staffers.”   Interestingly, according to the post, “Uptime said it also found that internal IT operations staffers are responsible for the majority (60%) of the worst abnormal incidents – those that resulted in a system or data center outage.”

We’ve seen this in the field as well — the DR industry is built for the kind of disasters that you hear about on the evening news. But the truth is, human errors are much more common data center “disasters”.  It’s one of the main reasons that companies we talk to like our journaling features, and the ability of Zerto Virtual Replication to roll back to any point in time,  particularly  the point-in-time before a human error or corruption occurred in the data center.

While not specifically focused on DR, this week’s must-read is an article in CIO by Cloud & Virtualization expert Bernard Golden who makes a strong case to support his assertion that Cloud is truly an IT revolution, and involves a complete rethinking of IT.   He notes that most IT innovations have been “swap-in” — meaning they required changes to the IT environment — but those were changes that IT managers could implement in phases to replace specific tools.   Golden argues that Cloud is an entirely different kind of change.

“What all of this means is that IT is going to have to be rebuilt for cloud computing. Every group, every process, every skill will have to be re-evaluated in light of the need to reduce cost, implement automation and support revenue-focused business initiatives.”

Lots of people have made big Cloud assertions, Golden does a nice job in the post of explaining why and how Cloud is truly different. I’m sure the comments there will be interesting!  As a provider of Disaster Recovery as a Service, Zerto sees Cloud DR as a logical stepping stone to Cloud adoption; once enterprises see their production applications running in the Cloud they move beyond thinking the Cloud is just for dev and test environments.

The ‘most irksome Disaster Recovery article of the week’ award goes to this plug for Cloud based DR by David Wingley on Insider Media, who explains, “…essential business functions such as technical support could be down for only minutes compared with marketing that could be down for a day.” Say what? Always fair game to beat up on the marketing team, I guess.

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