Bluelock Visits the Zerto Blog to Dish on Recovery-as-a-Service

Today, Bluelock launched their Recovery as a Service offerings. With us today on the blog is Diana Nolting from Bluelock — here to talk about today’s announcement:

Z: Hi Diana, and thanks for joining us on the Zerto blog.

B: Thanks, Fara.

Z: So tell us a bit about the road leading up to today’s Recovery as a Service announcement.

B: Bluelock has been working closely with Zerto over the past year to develop our cloud-based VMWare vCloud Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) offering for the public cloud.   Today we’re pleased to announce the official launch of our new RaaS offering, which we call the ‘4-Series Virtual Data center’ based on Zerto Technology. The RaaS solution enables organizations to recover critical IT resources with increased efficiencies and complete effectiveness when an adverse situation strikes in the bluelock cloud.

Z: Why would a company be interested in Bluelock’s RaaS offering?

B: With businesses’ increased reliance on technology, the cost of downtime is higher than ever. Whether an organization’s concerns are focused on specific types of incidents such as application corruption, virus, natural disaster, or the need to fulfill a specific service level agreement (SLA) or regulatory requirement, organizations of all sizes are seeking reliable disaster recovery solutions.

Z: Can you explain a bit about cloud disaster recovery and how it works?

B: Sure, Bluelock offers two types of RaaS solutions.   The first is our “To-Cloud” solution which is ideal for customers who want to recover workloads hosted in their own facilities.   The second type is an “In-Cloud” solution which allows current Bluelock cloud customers to recover their hosted workloads to another, geographically separate Bluelock facility.   Both offerings require no re-working of applications, are easily testable and are 100% compatible with VMWare.

Bluelock’s To-Cloud RaaS solution offers businesses running VMWare-virtualized environments the ability to recover applications to a proven, enterprise-grade Bluelock Virtual Data center.

Bluelock’s In-Cloud RaaS solution is the ideal RaaS offering for Bluelock customers with critical workloads that require geographically-separated recovery environments. Using innovative replication technology, Bluelock’s solution provides effective replication of production applications to a second Bluelock data center.

Z: So to summarize, what would you list as the top three advantages of RaaS with Bluelock?

B: I’d break out the top three this way:

1. Easier Testing for DR: Testing is encouraged and to make testing even easier and more affordable, resources will be reimbursed for two tests annually when they are scheduled in advance.

2. Visibility: Bluelock RaaS customers have total visibility into their resource allocation and predicted uses through Bluelock Portfolio.

3. Integration: The tool integrates seamlessly with other Bluelock VDC solutions, with little effort for the end user.  This makes Bluelock’s RaaS an ideal on-ramp for anyone looking to try out a leading vCloud-based public cloud provider.

Z: Thanks, Diana. Find out more about Bluelock’s To-Cloud and In-Cloud RaaS solutions, based on Zerto replication technology, by visiting or, watch the video below:

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