Beat Ransomware in 10 Steps

#BadRabbit is certainly causing a big stir in the global community as it echos fears in the wake of #WannaCry and #NotPeya attacks and data loss.

We at Zerto want to do our part to arm you with some preventative best practices you can implement or validate within your environment right now.

Read below for 10 steps you can take to beat ransomware:

  1. Secure entry points — Keep things out of your network, but this usually just means things trying to get over the wire from the outside in.
  2. Filter Web Traffic — This is really another way to secure entry points but extends this to your networks, including wireless networks and/or guest networks if there’s any chance for cross-contamination.
  3. Scan email attachments — This is helping with external data coming in, but also adds the heightened scanning of internal emails being spread around in the event something is infected and is trying to spread further.
  4. Block USB devices — Even the most harmless devices have been reported to cause infections, so block them or gain control by locking them down.
  5. Isolate “Bring your own Devices” — BYOD allows for freedom and flexibility, but with those positives comes heightened risk of infection. Isolate these devices from production networks. You can even isolate the business applications and data on the device from personal applications and data, along with centralized IT management and control.
  6. Remove web access on servers that don’t need it.
  7. Provide Training — Continuous communication for all levels of end-users. Even IT admins need a reminder to not use (login with) an administrative account day-to-day.
  8. Audit file/network shares for abnormalities and new, unexpected activity.
  9. Compliment these with end-user education on what to expect, what to look for, and how to mitigate risk. Make them ask questions if they aren’t certain on the safety of the content.
  10.    Get Zerto.

Every organization should plan for an infection happening of some type, and at any time. Not every best practice above can always be implemented or maintained in their entirety, so your business must be prepared for recovery. Zerto can help you remove the fear of paying a ransom by allowing you to recovery your data in minutes, from just seconds before the infection occurred. Recovery time is more than just restoring an old file or server; recovery time includes the downtime to the business (and customers) during this disaster, and re-input of the lost data if even possible. Trust Zerto to remove your worries with journal checkpoints expected about every few seconds, over the past 30 days. Recovery in minutes is brought to you by Zerto’s included recovery automation, meaning you’re only a few clicks, and minutes, away from business as usual.

Watch our webinar on Recovering from Ransomware in Minutes to learn more or take a free test drive today! #BeatDisruption #BeatBadRabbit #ZertoITResilience


Harry is a Technology Evangelist at Zerto focusing on driving adoption of Zerto’s enterprise class scalability and agility to organizations of all sizes and sectors — across clouds, hypervisors, and platforms. With 20 years of industry experience, Harry spent more than 8 years at VMware — 5 years in Professional Services as a Senior Consultant architecting and implementing private clouds and major datacenter migrations, and another 3 years in Technical Marketing focused on product integration and scalability with the vRealize and vCloud product suites. Follow Harry on Twitter @HarrySiii and LinkedIn.

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