VMworld 2015: Felt like ZertoWorld to Us

By Jennifer Gill, Director of Global Product Marketing

VMworld2015 VMworld 2015 just wrapped up and we had a fantastic show! We kicked it off with a great party and our booth was jam-packed with people looking for the best DR solution available for virtual environments. It’s great to have face-to-face meetings with customers who tell us about lots of great use cases for Zerto and recommend feature enhancements. It is really fun to do a customer de-brief and they say, “hey, that feature I asked for is in the product!” Yes, we do listen to our customers!

  •  Any, Any, Any – VMworld 2015 theme – you heard it here first!! It was fun to see this message resonating with other companies – but don’t be fooled. Zerto Virtual Replication replicates between different types of storage, different types of hypervisors, different types of cloud and different versions of hypervisors, like VMware vSphere. This seems to be a pain point for many at VMworld. We know that when you upgrade, you may not upgrade ALL of your ESXi servers at once, but you need DR! Don’t worry, with Zerto in place, you can replicate between different versions of VMware vSphere.
  •  File level recovery from the journal. We hear from many, many customers that a top request of end-users is – I was working on this file ALL day long and I deleted it by accident, can you get it for me? Unfortunately, this is usually pulled from a backup – so all the work done since the last backup is still gone. Unless you have Zerto! We demoed the ability to recover a single file from the journal – so you can get the file from just a few seconds before deletion. Pretty awesome right?!?
  •  Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform and What can Zerto do for you? We had other great conversations on doing more than disaster recovery with Zerto. This aligns to our Cloud Continuity Platform strategy to get IT decisions based on just two parameters – SLA and price. Check out this document where you can see the other critical IT functions Zerto can help you with.
    •  I run our reference program – it is by far the best part of my job. Here are few snippets from our customers who look at Zerto as more than DR. Can you imagine:
      1.  Delivering a test/dev environment that is 4 minutes old to the applications team
      2.  Migrating a 300 GB ERP application from CA to GA – in 10 minutes
      3.  Consolidating data centers in weeks, not years
      4.  Spinning up a cloud strategy in a day with Offsite Backup to AWS
  •  Zerto Cloud Ecosystem offers over 200 cloud service providers for Disaster Recovery as a Service. At Zerto, we are so fortunate to work with many awesome cloud service providers, some of which win awards for their solution based on Zerto. Congratulations to iland! They were a finalist in the Best of VMworVMworld-iLand-Zertold 2015 awards for Disaster Recovery and Backup for virtualized environments. You can find our cloud service providers here.
  •  Our awesome customers and partners: We got to mingle with our customers and partners and that is always fun. No one sells Zerto better than a Zerto customer or partner. I want to thank every one of them for taking the time to evangelize Zerto between sessions, social engagements and meetings. I learn so much listening in on the new and interesting things they do with Zerto. Sometimes I hear just the vanilla stuff like DR testing takes just a morning. That doesn’t sound so interesting until you hear that it used to take a whole month and it didn’t always work. Zerto always works.


  •  We are like Zerto but…. So, this was pretty cool. I also run analyst relations at Zerto so I get to talk with smart people who talk to a lot of other smart people. It is truly a privilege to have his great strategic discussions. I heard from one of them, you have truly arrived. I have heard from so many of the new vendors, “We are like Zerto but….”. This analyst said, if you hear that, you know you are leading the pack.

The bottom line is – we have the best events team ever. It takes an army (that we don’t have) to even have a chance to pull this off. We didn’t pull it off – we killed it! We had a GREAT show. Thanks to all our customers and partners for coming out and showing everyone the Standard for Disaster Recovery: Zerto Virtual Replication.

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