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Help us get some great topics onto the stage — DRaaS in the vCloud; how hypervisor-based replication enables virtualizing mission-critical applications; and a step-by-step guide on how to set up Disaster Recovery for vSphere & vCloud workloads

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Zerto Sessions:

Session # 2312

We’re excited to have submitted this session with Shannon Snowden, who will present with us at VMworld.

Hypervisor-Based Disaster Recovery: The Missing Link for Virtualizing Mission-Critical Applications

Mission-critical, tier-1 applications such as database and transactional applications are often the last to be virtualized. Despite the many benefits of virtualizing these applications, some companies still question the ability to protect and recover these applications in virtualized environments. Traditional BC/DR technologies are built for physical environments, requiring manual and complex processes in order to utilize these systems for virtualized applications. New disaster recovery technologies are filling this gap for large and small enterprises alike — delivering the flexibility expected from a virtualized environment, with the aggressive RPOs and RTOs that mission critical applications require.

This session will discuss how moving replication from storage arrays to the hypervisor enables reliable and effective data protection and recovery, freeing companies to move their mission-critical applications to their virtualized environments. Attendees will hear a case study from a healthcare provider whose use of hypervisor-based replication helped them move toward 100% virtualization.


  • Virtualized disaster recovery — how virtualization has changed DR for the better
  • Technical Deep-Dive: Hypervisor-based replication architecture overview and demo
  • Case Study: One healthcare provider’s story — Using DR to move towards 100% virtualization
  • Cloud Deployments — how virtualization enables cloud DR

Session # 2109

We’re excited to have submitted this session with Ian Perez-Ponce from VMWare and with Pat O’Day from Bluelock, who will present the talk with us at VMworld.

How to Setup Disaster Recovery for vSphere & vCloud Workloads

Given the increase in proliferation of virtualization management technologies and the industry’s appetite for elastic, self-service cloud compute offerings to host production workloads, the gap between successful deployment of those workloads and the ability to protect critical application data throughout their lifecycle continues to widen. This breakout session aims to expose and demystify the challenges associated with designing and implementing a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery service framework that can scale with the most demanding virtual application environments hosted on either vSphere and/or vCloud infrastructure platforms.

Session Agenda:

  • Challenges faced by both, Enterprise IT organizations and Service Providers, in providing scalable BC/DR services for cloud deployed production workloads
  • Capitalizing on the vCloud Service Provider (vCSP) market to implement a hosted Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution
  • Overcoming key business and technical challenges to implementing an internal Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) framework
  • Blueprints for protecting workloads in vSphere-to-vSphere/vCloud and vCloud-to-vCloud scenarios

Session # 2257 (VMworld Barcelona only)

We’re excited to have submitted this session with Christian van Barneveld from ZX, who will present the talk with us at VMworld Europe.

Disaster Recovery as a Service: Cost-effective and Secure DR in the vCloud

How are companies utilizing public clouds for data replication & recovery? In this case study session, ZX Factory will address how implementing disaster recovery for cloud infrastructures built with vCloud Director delivers cost-effective and secure data protection in the cloud. This session will highlight two working DR implementations replicating from a customer site to a ZX Factory Cloud.

The session will cover Disaster Recovery as a Service architecture, particularly vSphere to vCloud implementations, by walking attendees through two case studies of DRaaS users currently in production with the ZX Cloud. In addition, attendees will learn about the scenarios where DRaaS would prove most effective.

  • Challenges & opportunities of protecting virtualized mission-critical applications in the cloud
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service architecture — technical details
  • Case studies: Berenschot Group and Axon overview and case studies
  • Best practices for DRaaS implementation, how to decide if DRaaS is right for you

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