Hello World, Zerto Launches Today!

We’re thrilled to finally unveil our company’s technology to the world — Zerto Virtual Replication. You can watch the launch of our company, live-streamed from GigaOM’s Structure conference taking place today, June 22, at 5pm PST!

So what does Zerto do?

Zerto makes the process of protecting and replicating critical applications on virtualized and cloud environments easy and cost-effective.

Let’s back up a bit.

Fortune 500 enterprises such as airlines, banks and manufacturing companies, are NOT yet moving their critical applications to the cloud. They could be, but they have too many concerns, including security & manageability. Another critical reason they are not moving to the cloud is business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR).

Disaster recovery is not about backup, disks or data. It is about getting your business back online after a disaster, or even a simple power outage. Business continuity requires a recovery data center. This means servers, storage and networking, not to mention the operational nightmare of managing another data center.

Cloud providers today cannot offer BC/DR in the cloud for their large enterprise customers. It’s not because they don’t want to, they simply don’t have the right technology. Current BC/DR replication software (a $3B market*) is not designed for the cloud. It is stuck in the physical world: hardware-centric, inflexible, complicated and expensive.

Zerto addresses the shortcomings of existing BC/DR solutions (drumroll please …) by moving replication to the hypervisor — the management layer of virtual environments. It is the only replication solution built to accommodate large enterprises seeking to move data center resources and applications to the cloud.

Why the hypervisor?

By moving replication to the hypervisor layer, Zerto enables data replication on any VM. End users can now protect any relevant virtualization elements, such as VMs, virtual disks, virtual networks and virtual applications, instead of less relevant physical elements: physical servers, storage arrays and LUNs. This allows protection of specific applications and all of their dependencies. Zerto’s user interface is also fully integrated into VMWare’s vCenter, making it familiar and extremely easy to use. Plus, Zerto is not tied to a particular brand of storage so customers can replicate to a cloud provider using a different storage vendor — it’s completely storage-array agnostic.

We’re also in good company. Cisco is moving its networking switches into the hypervisor. And Juniper just acquired Altor Networks, moving firewalls into the hypervisor. Zerto is moving BC/DR into the hypervisor.

Are you interested in learning more? The product is currently in beta with many companies, including five Fortune 500 customers and three top cloud providers.

Want more info? Check out the video.
Contact us today to get access to Zerto! We’ll show you a better way.

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