Do Disaster Recovery from Your Tablet

This is the first in a series of posts written by Director of Product Marketing, Jennifer Gill, about new features in our just-released Zerto Virtual Replication 3.0.

In our recent customer survey, we discovered that most disasters are not ‘natural disasters’. In fact, the most common cause of a disaster is actually hardware failure.  We also learned that two of the top challenges of disaster recovery are that Disaster Recovery (DR) is “difficult to manage” and “complex” to use.

dr challenges

We see these themes time and again. Recovering from failure can make for a LONG day and night for an IT administrator, unless of course, they have Zerto Virtual Replication 3.0 (ZVR). A key attribute of ZVR is simplicity, and we continue to expand and extend ZVR to further simplify a complex BC/DR process.

ZVR 3.0 introduces robust management from anywhere. From a laptop in the office, a desktop at home or from a handheld device, all the functionality of ZVR is available. Issues are not planned and they may not happen when the IT administrator is in front of the vCenter console. Now, the IT administrator has full control of DR operations anywhere they have internet access. This extends the flexibility and agility of virtualization to a “manage anywhere” BC/DR process.

disaster recovery on a tabletWith a web interface, the IT administrator can give access to BC/DR capabilities without giving full VMWare vCenter access. This again, continues to simplify daily operations, as someone with web access can’t go into VMWare vCenter and power on a bunch of VMs, or delete an application, causing a management nightmare. Many Zerto customers are leveraging the ZVR Web UI by providing a link to the ZVR reports in their corporate intranet.   Managers and executives can see the status of the testing, failovers or migrations while eliminating the step of the DR administrator creating and providing the reports.

ZVR 3.0 expands the reporting capabilities to deliver historical resource reports for effective resource planning as well as reports to satisfy audit requirements. The recovery reports detail each step within the failover process with the time it takes for completion.   These reports are created automatically and accurately, freeing up IT resources to focus on revenue generating projects instead of environment maintenance.

Complexity within the BC/DR process leads to errors and failures at a time when your business is the most vulnerable. By taking a refreshing approach to Disaster Recovery by focusing on making the complexity underneath simple to implement, manage and maintain, ZVR helps ensure production applications are available, so revenues and the corporate brand are protected.

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