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Outages and Disruptions

Stories to Scare the I.T. Out of You

October 14, 2019

It’s 10PM… do you know where your backups are? If the ghosts of incidents past come haunting you this Halloween, take comfort in knowing you’re not the only IT pro to have faced sleepless nights from frightening disasters of all kinds. Do any of these spooky tales sound familiar? The end user who haplessly introduced […]

Sydney Airport Outages Leave Customers Frustrated and Airlines Under Scrutiny (Again)

March 9, 2018

Sydney Airport (Australia’s largest airport) was in chaos again yesterday, causing major disruption by delaying passenger processing in both the international and domestic terminals. ‘Technical issues’ were spruiked as the root cause but unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened, or even the second. Airport outages are becoming more frequent not only in […]

High Profile Government Outage Raises Complex Questions For All of Us

November 8, 2017

Following a series of very high-profile downtime incidents at the Australian Tax Office (ATO) the Australian Senate has requested the ATO provides a full list of every outage over the last 18 months. The ATO rightfully pointed out that a request on outages is not as straight forward as it sounds, stating “It’s important to […]

When IT Disasters Strike: Keep Calm and Communicate – Just ask GitLab

February 1, 2017

Airlines, take notes from GitLab. This is how you do a disaster. We’ve been saying this for years, disasters are gonna happen. Not a week goes by without news of some airline outage, ransomware taking down a hospital or power failure taking down a major website. This week saw (at least) two. Delta’s outage and GitLab’s […]

How to Keep the Lights on During Severe Weather

September 29, 2016

South Australia was plunged into darkness this week as severe storms hit the region and saw a lengthy state-wide power outage. The power outage had, and is still having, far-reaching effects for individuals, businesses and government organisations. The major SA power outage reminds us of the dangers of natural disasters and wild weather. In Australia, […]

Australian Securities Exchange Outage: A Recurring Reminder Of The Need for IT Resilience

September 19, 2016

As any successful person or organization would know, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. In light of the ASX trading failures this week, and the numerous public IT “outages” that have been reported on over the past few quarters, it is worth reflecting on what IT resiliency really means.  For Zerto IT resiliency means […]

Delta’s Outage Sparks Memories of Past IT Disasters

August 12, 2016

Guest Post By David Feinglass, Solutions Engineer at Zerto In reading about the recent outage at Delta, and seeing this article in which the CEO states that the vulnerability in their IT infrastructure was “a surprise to them”, it reminded me of a personal experience that sounds similar.  It speaks to the fact that your […]

Delta Down for the Count

August 9, 2016

In case you haven’t seen the news – or heard from friends and family complaining on Facebook – Delta passengers experienced a second day of flight delays and cancellations today due to a power outage in Atlanta yesterday. Hundreds of flights were cancelled and problems were compounded by Delta’s inability to get their notification systems […]

Preventing a SysAdmin’s Worst Nightmare

April 20, 2016

By Stephen Gracon, Zerto Pre-Sales Engineer This one may be a hoax, but this did in fact happen to one of my former employers (a company no longer around) while I was working there. Back in the day I was a Solaris Administrator responsible for managing a main data center in Portland and 41 call […]