Companies who are Masters of Disaster Recovery

So often we talk about becoming a Master of Disaster and are constantly encouraging everyone out there to become masters. For a long time IT departments and organizations have felt that mastering disaster recovery was out of their reach.   We wanted to take this opportunity and highlight some companies who do disaster recovery the right way.

Below you will find some companies who have taken a proactive approach, developed strong BC/DR strategies and are ready for whatever nature or humans have to throw at their mission-critical applications.

WoodforestWoodforest National Bank: In 2008, Hurricane Ike passed through Houston and its surrounding areas, Woodforest’s primary data center lost power and remained on generator power for 10 days after the storm ended. Fortunately, prior to the hurricane, Woodforest migrated all customer-facing applications to a disaster recovery site.

After that experience, Woodforest transitioned from disaster recovery to disaster avoidance preparedness. Each June, all production applications are pre-emptively “failed-over” to a secondary site, with a return to the primary site by mid- to late-October, avoiding the hurricane season. If a hurricane strikes the area, all of the systems are already protected.

KingfisherKingfisher IT: Kingfisher needed a solution that would meet their aggressive service levels without impacting their production applications. The infrastructure supports almost 1,000 retail outlets across Europe; any impact to the infrastructure can hurt sales. They have several critical applications that need to be available to run the business.

Kingfisher now protects their key applications, while simplifying their migration plans and dramatically reducing operational and capital costs.

EUKORLogoEUKOR Car Carriers Inc: EUKOR annually transports around 4 million cars worldwide, utilizing a global network of offices and agents. Their customers include Hyundai Motors, KIA Motors, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, General Motors, Ford and many others.   EUKOR delivers a dynamic service with lots of moving parts across the globe.
EUKOR’s main system is located in IDC in Korea. However, the service is being updated continuously from 10 other offices, located in eight countries and numerous agents around the world. Therefore, the reliability of the whole system is extremely important as it directly influences the core business processes. EUKOR needed a solution which was flexible and agile to align to its IT strategy.

The key to EUKOR’s BC/DR strategy was the service level agreement they needed to support.   Now with Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR), EUKOR is meeting their service levels easily and with confidence, exceeding their IT infrastructure requirements while delivering superior customer service.

SGSSGS Turkey: SGS needed to ensure their virtual environment was protected as unavailability directly impacts their customers. The IT team had a growing concern that it would only be a matter of time before human error, hardware failure, natural disaster, or any other adverse condition stopped a perfectly running IT operation. SGS Turkey is highly dependent on technology in its operations, any down time results in a significant financial impact.

Now they replicate the same amount of data in half the time when compared to a backup-based replication solution. They are protecting Microsoft SQL Server, file servers and other applications. They are delivering aggressive service levels, with recovery point objectives of seconds and recovery time objectives of minutes. They are replicating between multiple sites and are planning to consolidate operations further to ensure data and application availability for their global operations.

leadway logo smallLeadway Pensure: Leadway Pensure is a pension fund management company that is 95 percent virtualized. It embarked on its virtualization journey to conserve space, reduce power and cooling costs, but most importantly, to simplify BC/DR. The initial synchronization took too long and due to a lack of bandwidth optimization, replication was not able to maintain a consistent RPO in line with the requirements of the business.

With these issues they turned to Zerto which Uzah Chinedu, Leadway Pensure’s Infrastructure Manager, called “a miracle for BC/DR.”

Leadway Pensure now meets their aggressive goals —   RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes. They are easily are able to recover Microsoft SQL Server database, Exchange, File servers and other applications well within their SLA.

Want to join these organizations as Masters of disaster recovery? Join our monthly Master of Disaster webinar and join the ranks!

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