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Cloud Backup in Azure with Zerto for Kubernetes

We hear from a lot of customers looking to use the public cloud as targets for cloud backup. If it’s a priority in the VM world, it’s even more of a requirement for Kubernetes: when running clusters in Azure Kubernetes Service or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, it’s natural to want to archive copies in long-term retention (LTR) repositories.

Zerto for Kubernetes, our cloud-native offering for data protection as code, supports both Azure and AWS as cloud backup targets, whether running in those clouds or using Zerto on-premises with Red Hat OpenShift or with another cloud such as Google Kubernetes Engine. Zerto for Kubernetes converges disaster recovery, backup, mobility, and long-term retention into one simple, purpose-built solution for containerized applications. Customers can pair local continuous backup—with checkpoints every few seconds and retention up to 30 days—with long-term retention in the public cloud for storing copies for years and years, typically for regulatory or compliance purposes.

LTR can be added to a protection group when creating it for the first time or when editing it later with something like kubectl edit vpg. There are only three steps to get started:

  1. Create the cloud repository (either Azure blob or Amazon S3 bucket)
  2. Create a Kubernetes secret to authorize access for the Zerto Kubernetes Manager
  3. Define retention settings for the application

The last two steps both require YAMLs, and there are examples on our Github you can use to get started. Even better, the free Zerto for Kubernetes hands-on lab in myZerto has recently been updated to add training on long-term retention in Azure. The update includes step-by-step instructions for adding an Azure blob as a repository, configuring the schedule—including fulls vs incrementals, number of copies, and how long to retain—and then running a retention job.

Setting up long-term retention like this is an ideal way to round out your Kubernetes data protection strategy to protect your next-gen applications and all the related dependencies (e.g. configmaps, statefulsets, secrets, etc).

Learn more about Zerto for Kubernetes or try the free hands-on lab anytime, anywhere.

Kevin Cole
Head of Learning & Enablement

Kevin Cole is the Head of Learning & Enablement at Zerto. Since joining in 2015, he's worked at the intersection of training, product marketing, and technical enablement in order to give Zerto customers and partners the tools and resources they need to be successful with our platform. Prior to Zerto, Kevin focused on learning management and onboarding at a variety of national education organizations.