Zerto Introduces the General Availability of New Features and Functionality with the Release of Zerto 7.5 Azure Update | Zerto

Zerto Introduces the General Availability of New Features and Functionality with the Release of Zerto 7.5 Azure Update

November 4, 2019

Zerto is delighted to introduce the general availability of new features and functionality with the release of Zerto 7.5 Azure Platform Update.  Zerto has partnered with the Microsoft Azure Storage Team to enable support for Incremental Snapshots of Azure Managed Disks. When customers choose to upgrade, they will realize huge value from the pursuit of pure performance, robust service levels and rationalization of risk reduction to push the limits of what is possible during the paradigm shift to cloud.   

As customers are migrating and developing their cloud strategy, Zerto 7.5 provides the following for anyone moving to Azure: 

  • Azure Managed DisksZerto integration supports failback from Azure Managed Disks both to and from the cloud (Premium SSD, Standard SSD and Standard HDD), with short SLAs and high performance for workloads migrated to Azure or for disaster recovery/IT resilience strategy. 
  • Azure Cloud Native Scale-Out:  Zerto’s integration supports ongoing replication as well as recovery workflows, enabling increased Recovery Time Objective (RTO) performance, recoverability and simpler management for enterprise workloads at scale with Azure scale sets. 
  • Azure Cloud Mobility Between Regions:  Migrating from Zone to Zone or ‘lift and shift’ from one region to another can be achieved with ease and simplicity via Zerto’s 7.5 integration with Microsoft Azure.   
  • Azure Managed Service Identities: Zerto and Microsoft Azure users can now authenticate to Azure services and keep their credentials secure via the Microsoft Managed Service Identity (MSI). 

Microsoft recently announced the public preview of incremental snapshots of Azure Managed Disks that Zerto leverages for the new failback functionality. This extended platform capability is available for Azure customers in West Central US, North Europe, East US, East US 2, Central US, Canada Central and Canada East regions. Global general availability of all regions is expected to be announced by Microsoft early 2020.  According to Microsoft’s website, “Incremental snapshots provide a unique capability available only in Azure Managed Disks enabling backup and disaster recovery solutions. It allows you to get the changes between two snapshots of the same disk, thus copying only data that has changed between two snapshots, reducing time and cost for backup and disaster recovery.”

Microsoft mandated a limited set of restrictions – outlined here.  These restrictions will only apply during the Public Preview of the Incremental Snapshots and expected to be lifted once the Incremental Snapshots feature becomes generally available (GA). 

In order to learn more about the Public Preview of the new Azure Managed Disks Incremental Snapshots customers should refer to Microsoft’s blog 

Zerto will be updating the status of this Public Preview with additional Azure regions as Microsoft makes that information available.  Please refer to the table below for the latest status and note that this information is subject to revision and amendment without prior notification. 


Customers who would like to take advantage of Azure Managed Disks running on Microsoft Preview regions are advised to make sure they have established network connection with above regions and then submit to Zerto landing portal for admission into the Controlled Access Release.  Onboarding will not be able to be completed without these steps being followed. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jake.Kodak@zerto.com or Jill.Lewis@zerto.com