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Simplify Migrations with Zerto

March 17, 2021

Zerto can migrate virtualized workloads from one part of the world to another in less time than it takes you to register for our data migration webinar. You have a million reasons why you need to move your data—consolidation, cost savings, location, new servers, and on and on. Chances are you’re dreading this major chore […]

Using Zerto For Migrations to Provide True Mobility

April 13, 2018

IT refreshes are full of challenges, even more so today with the emergence and rapid growth of cloud computing. Not only are you considering what is the right solution to meet your business requirements as closely as possible, you’re often looking in to your crystal ball to aim for this to remain aligned 1, 3, […]

DR 101: Checklist for Virtualized Infrastructure Migrations

August 17, 2016

By Harry Smith, Technical Evangelist at Zerto After going through a million-and-one migrations – both manually and with the help of tools –and having encountered many roadblocks and situations in which I’ve learned from, I can say YES, using Zerto with your migration(s) will make your life SO much easier. However, that alone still isn’t […]