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Data Protection

5 Important Questions to Ask About Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

For almost 10 years now, Zerto has maintained that the future of backup is continuous, and in over 7,000 Enterprise customer installations, we’ve been using Continuous Data Protection (CDP) in our converged Disaster Recovery and Backup offerings to ensure the lowest, industry-breaking recovery times. There are important differentiators in how Zerto customers utilize CDP that you may want to keep in mind.  Zerto’s Continuous Data Protection utilizes proven journaling technology that logs all changes that have occurred for up to 30 […]

Complete Data Protection Using Zerto

What does complete data protection mean? Data protection is generally associated with things such as Array Based Snapshots (ABS), VMware/Hyper-V Snapshots and backup software. In each of the above cases there are many variables that need to be considered when choosing the appropriate technology for the appropriate use case with two of the most important […]

Backup and Prepare to Step Forward at ZertoCON 2018

Once again, World Backup Day is upon us. This time it’s on March 31st, making those who still aren’t backing up data a fool the next day. Yet, according to the organizers of the event, about 30 percent of us are still taking the risk of running our business and personal lives without a solid […]

GDPR is Coming… Are You Ready?

What is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law that is intended to strengthen and harmonise the data protection rights of individuals within the European Union (EU), but it also addresses the export of any personal data to countries outside the EU. The GDPR is much broader and stricter than […]

Reasons Why It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape

Over the last five years disk drives have been under pressure. With advancements in flash performance and density as well as tools to make business continuance in the cloud a reality, we are now in a position to say goodbye to D2D2T and hello to F2F2C. The Past: D2D2T – Disk to disk to tape […]

Changing the Data Protection Conversation

Two years ago I wrote about the top 5 questions on data protection I was hearing as a Zerto Systems Engineer (SE). Back then the conversations were typically with mid-market enterprises and covered topics of interest to System Administrators and IT Managers. These are the front-line daily warriors who usually had specific questions around interoperability with our one supported platform […]

Protect RDM’s with Odd Number of Blocks

Purpose When protecting a VM with RDM LUNs in a Zerto Virtual Replication VPG, an administrator may see that the VPG unexpectedly drops into a “Needs Configuration” status with subtext similar to the following: The RDM {0} for the VM {1} in VPG {2} has an odd number of blocks, which can only be replicated […]

HPE Helion Cloud System 10 – Protected with Zerto

Zerto is working with many key technology partners to create complete stacks of solutions intended to make life easier for our collective customers. Disaster recovery and data protection is Zerto’s expertise, and when you combine that with the powerful platforms and technologies our partners have, it brings compelling options to the market that simply didn’t […]

The Value of Being Prepared – Cascadia Rising, Bitcoin and Backups

By Keith Taylor, Product Specialist at Zerto From the 7th– 10th June, an absolute behemoth of a preparedness exercise was carried out involving approximately 20,000 people in the Pacific Northwest region of the US.  With personnel from federal, state and local government, multiple branches of the military, plus participants from local communities and the private […]

Letting IT sleep at night – Podcast with John Troyer of TechReckoning

During the busy schedule at ZertoCON, we made sure to make some time to spend chatting with John Troyer, formerly of VMware and now at TechReckoning and Geek Whisperers. John is an IT enthusiast who speaks on both tech and career-focused issues at conferences around the world. He built the community around VMware, including the […]