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Automatic Protection with Zerto 9 and vSphere Tags

September 28, 2021

Among many new features and enhancements in Zerto 9 comes one that many customers have been waiting for: VM automatic protection using vSphere tags. This feature simplifies disaster recovery and data protection for workloads using a pre-defined virtual protection group (VPG) as a template, by either automatically building a new VPG or adding new VMs […]

Deploying Zerto with Terraform

December 22, 2020

– Read the original blog post on –  I realized its been almost two years since I’ve blogged about anything automation related. Time flies but that’s far too long to not talk about some exciting news around things I’ve been working on with colleagues. Over the last year or so I’ve moved into a […]

Automating Zerto’s Virtual Replication vCenter Alarms

March 15, 2018

You’ve installed Zerto’s Virtual Replication and you can finally relax. The installation went seamlessly and all that remains is to check in with your environment to ensure everything is running as expected. There’s just one problem – you see an error message. It can be a bit of a challenge at times to understand exactly […]

Zerto Tip: Change Your PowerShell API Credentials

February 20, 2018

Quick tip for a little extra security with Zerto Let me start by saying that by default unless you have your Windows firewall wide open, no one who doesn’t already have access to your Zerto server can access the PowerShell API. Zerto listens for PowerShell requests on port 9080 by default and that port is […]