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Digital Transformation and the changes your organization encounters today have surfaced through multiple areas, including people (your customers), technology, and ecosystems. Your organization is going through some challenges to meet these demands and keep up with the ever-changing competitive landscape. It’s time to gain a better understanding of these changes and what they mean to you, and shift your mindset towards seeing these challenges as opportunities for you and your business.

We’ve outlined in an infographic 12 ways you can leverage IT Resilience as part of your digital transformation strategy. View the infographic below to understand what companies need to do to satisfy their Digital Transformation strategy and prepare for the future of IT.

In the digital age, it’s all about speed. Successful Digital Transformation requires IT services to be delivered in a fast, agile and streamlined manner across the entire organization. The information here will help guide you in better understanding the role of IT Resilience in Digital Transformation.

You have an opportunity to embrace these elements and unfold the areas to focus on within the customer experience, operational processes, and the business models in place and in future changes. Automation is a multi-faceted conversation that can also play a critical role in the organization’s adoption and acceleration of Digital Transformation. Take a look at this in detail in Zerto’s new whitepaper, and we’ll help you better understand the relationship between IT Resilience and Digital Transformation. With these assets, you’ll be well informed to make smart decisions and ready to thrive in this ever-changing world.


Video Transcript


Digital transformation is all the buzz these days. Successful digital transformation requires IT to be delivered in a fast, agile and streamlined manner across the organization in order to work better, faster and more efficiently. Digital transformation is ever changing the way we do business and it’s all because of customers, technology and ecosystems. Your customers are finding novel ways to use technology and they expect the same features and functionality everywhere. Transform to meet demand or you could risk alienating your customer. Organizations must transform to adapt to the new capabilities and possibilities that technology changes continue to bring. Economic, political and regulatory changes all force transformation that can be difficult to predict yet require agility for successful adaptation. Transform to remain relevant and adapt more quickly than your competition. MIT Center for Digital Business shows companies embracing digital transformation are 26% more profitable. Forrester reports executives predict 47% of revenue will be influenced by digital by 2020. And that’s the bald truth.

Harry Smith

Harry is a Technology Evangelist at Zerto focusing on driving adoption of Zerto’s enterprise class scalability and agility to organizations of all sizes and sectors—across clouds, hypervisors, and platforms. With 20 years of industry experience, Harry spent more than 8 years at VMware —5 years in Professional Services as a Senior Consultant architecting and implementing private clouds and major datacenter migrations, and another 3 years in Technical Marketing focused on product integration and scalability with the vRealize and vCloud product suites. Follow Harry on Twitter @HarrySiii and LinkedIn.

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