Zerto Certified Professional: Basic

Self-paced e-learning course designed for new technical users of ZVR 5.0. This introductory primer covers installation, setup & configuration, and the six data recovery options in ZVR.

Zerto Certified Professional: Cloud

Self-paced e-learning course aimed at cloud service providers or those using the Zerto Cloud Manager. The material covers use cases, setup, and cloud-specific components such as the Zerto Cloud Connector.

Zerto Certified Professional: Advanced

Live, instructor-led training series comprised of multiple classes designed for highly technical users who already have experience with Zerto. Building on ZCP Basic, these classes are deep dives on a range of ZVR topics, such as troubleshooting and the backend mechanics of replication.

Zerto Certified Sales

Self-paced e-learning course that provides an overview of Zerto and ZVR. This non-technical training is perfect for those needing general Zerto knowledge and salespeople looking to understand our value proposition, market positioning, and competitive analysis.

ZCP for Azure and ZCP for Amazon Web Services

These two self-paced e-learning courses get users up-and-running when using ZVR with one of the public clouds. General knowledge for Azure and AWS are provided, plus step-by-step guide to installation & configuration for each specific service.