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Get the inside scoop and expert analysis into the latest technologies affecting your world — from learning about PowerShell to recovering from Ransomware to creating a successful DR plan and more.

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Zerto Virtual Replication

Preview the next release of Zerto Virtual Replication and learn about the long-term product strategy.

Aligning Business to the Cloud Era

Cloud is becoming a critical component of IT. Learn how to leverage public, private or hybrid cloud and leave with a Cloud Strategy that meets your business needs.

Mitigate Risks

The threat to IT is becoming more sophisticated, learn how to mitigate risk and ensure you can survive major and minor threats to your business.

IT Resilience and Your Business

Showcase the value of IT to your business. Sessions will help you clearly demonstrate how IT advances business priorities.

Session Highlights

General Hayden, retired 4-star general (USAF) and former director of CIA and NSA,

Resilience in a New World

Michael Hayden, former Director of the CIA and NSA, will tie in his lifetime worth of crisis management and leadership experience and talk about what it is like to manage complex organizations in time of risk. Calling on his years of experience and personal anecdotes, he will discuss the management qualities and strategies that allowed him to become the longest-tenured director of the NSA. He will bring to light the current realities of cyber security, the threat of a real attack and potential ramifications – creating an impetus to take action to achieve IT resilience.

John Morency, Gartner | Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester | Henry Baltazar, 451 Research

The Crystal Ball Panel

Join us and three of the IT industry’s top analysts as they provide a roadmap for what’s coming in the areas of IT resilience and enterprise cloud adoption.

Harry Smith, Technology Evangelist

The Pain-Free, Stress-Free Way to Create and Execute a Successful DR Plan

A disaster strikes. Now what? Attend this timely session and discover the easiest, quickest, most robust way to protect and recover your environment. Using ZVR, we’ll show you all the comprehensive steps to plan your DR environment, test and failover configurations and expected behaviors, and other best practices and operations to ensure your failover event is a success.

Tsahy Shapsa, Co-Founder of Cloudlock | Shay Nahari, Head of Red-team Services, CyberArk | Tom Kerrigan, Manager of Technical Services, Dotwell Health | Jacques Benkoski, Partner, U.S. Venture Partners

Panel: Enterprise Security and Resilience in 2017

Security and Disaster Recovery have always been joined at the hip, but moreso now than ever due to rise of the cloud, ransomware and other security threats. Join this session to hear from an experienced panel of security professionals and seasoned IT leaders as they discuss best practices surrounding security, cloud and IT resiliency.

Shannon Snowden, Sr. Tech Architect, Zerto | Jayme Williams, Sr. Systems Engineer at TenCate | Andy Wolfe, Technical Architect at Maritz

PROOF: How Public Cloud Transformed Two Companies

Azure or AWS? How to choose? When evaluating a public cloud, it’s tough to decide if Azure or AWS is the right cloud for you. Join this informative session and hear from two customers about their journey to public cloud. One is using AWS, the other chose to use both AWS and Azure. Both have realized cost savings and increased flexibility. Hear their real-world stories and gain insight into helping devise your public cloud strategy.

Gisjbert Janssen van Doorn Manager, Systems Engineering

How Zerto REST APIs will change your life… for the better!

Join this informative session to learn about automating Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) using REST APIs to implement a DevOps DR platform. See first-hand use cases and possibilities with the combination of PowerShell and REST APIs — from VRA deployment, customized reporting, re-IP addressing and automated VM protection. Learn how the new REST APIs (in the next ZVR update) enables automated, end-to-end, customer onboarding for Zerto Cloud Service Providers.

Tsahy Shapsa, Co-Founder of Cloudlock | Shay Nahari, Head of Red-team Services at CyberArk | Tom Kerrigan, Manager of Technical Services, Dotwell Health | Jacques Benkoski, Partner, U.S. Venture Partners

Panel: Cloud Security in 2017

How secure is the cloud? Three panelists from the security industry will share perspectives on the industry and their experience with cloud security.

Darren Swift, Principal Systems Engineer

RELAX! Recover from Ransomware in Minutes

Back by popular demand! If you missed last year’s session — you’re in luck! Ransomware is THE biggest threat to your data today. Nobody wants to be locked out of their data, having to pay ransom or face the impact of data loss and downtime. This session shows you how to protect your environment and relax knowing Zerto can help you recover data by re-winding to a point in time seconds before ransomware hit. WARNING: This session will sell out!

Joe Monroy, Head of Global Application Hosting, Cushman and Wakefield | Nick Scuola, Lead Virtualization Engineer, Viacom

Panel: From Hi-Def to High-Rises: A View from the Top

In this panel, guests from IT departments from media giant, Viacom, and commercial real estate services company, Cushman and Wakefield, field questions on the IT challenges that are top of mind for the media and real estate industries.

Darren Swift, Principal Systems Engineer | Gisjbert Janssen van Doorn Manager, Systems Engineering

Workshop: Zerto REST API

Strap yourself in and get ready to be wowed! This lively, informative session is going to get you up close and personal with the hottest new technology to hit ZertoCON: PowerShell and Zerto Virtual Replication REST APIs! You’ll be taken through successful authentication, deploying VRA’s, changing re-IP settings and building your own recovery plan. You’ll also walk away with pre-built examples to take back to your own environment to start automating like a pro.

Sasha Said, ‎VP at Leerink Transformation Partners |Tom Kerrigan, Manager of Technical Services at Dotwell Health | Director, IT Infrastructure and Technical Support at St. Lawrence Health System | Todd Pappas, System Engineer at Yakima Valley Farm Workers

Panel: Healthcare Customers Talk IT

Healthcare IT has many challenges as patients want access to their data at all times, yet it needs to be secured. Additionally, hospitals have been prime targets for ransomware attackes. Join this exciting panel to hear about the happenings in healthcare IT including how to protect critical applications like Epic and Meditech. Dotwell Health, Meditech Customer, and Yakima Valley.

Sean Masters, Sr. Program Manager | Ori Mamluk, VRA Team Lead

Consistency without Snapshots? Is it magic…or Zerto?!

Take a peek behind the curtain and discover the truth behind the magic of how Zerto Virtual Replication is able to maintain consistency across multiple disks, VMs and multi-tier applications — without ever using a snapshot! This deep-dive session gives you the inside scoop on how ZVR’s unique architecture is constantly protecting data with transactional consistency, without ever impacting the performance of protected VMs. David Blaine’s got nothing on us!

Charles Sawyer, Sales Manager | Wes Carroll, Systems Engineer | Gareth Roberts, Global Director of Infrastructure (Engineering) at XPO Logistics

PROOF: Datacenter Transformation for a $15 billion business

XPO Logistics is a top ten global logistics company with a highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets with over 86,000 employees and more than 50,000 customers. Join this session to learn how XPO Logistics used Zerto to not only protect Tier1 systems between datacenters, and recover from ransomware, but also to consolidate FOURTEEN datacenters into just TWO!

Mike Khusid, Product Manager, Zerto

Cloud TCO – Why removing your DR site might be the smartest thing you’ll ever do.

You know you need to get to the cloud. But where to start? Which cloud? How much will it cost? Zerto has the answers as we provide an easy on-ramp to the cloud, and help you optimize return on your investment. Learn how, with over 350 MSPs, you can get started on developing a simple effective cloud strategy fast.

Mike Khusid, Product Manager, Zerto | Omer Uretzky, Sr. Product Owner, Zerto

Analytics for the Future of the Datacenter

At the end of 2016, Zerto released Zerto Mobile for easy monitoring of your Disaster Recovery infrastructure. In 2017, Zerto added a tablet application as well as an Analytics page on MyZerto portal featuring new and improved data from your datacenter. Learn about the future of the Analytics at Zerto as we expand it with additional monitoring data and helpful capacity planning tools.

Chris Duffy, Director Product Management

Customer Testimonial: Game-changing Use Cases of One-To-Many Replication

Game-changing is not a word we use lightly at ZertoCON. In the case of this session, it’s justified! Being able to simultaneously replicate your VMs to multiple target sites is the Swiss Army knife for your VMware or Hyper-V environment. Join this informative session and learn about the many use cases of One-To-Many replication and how you can restore anything in minutes, recover things you didn’t think possible and try the cloud with no risk whatsoever.

Jason Nolan, Cloud Account Executive at Zerto | Scott Henault, Sr. Director Cloud Operations at Kronos | Matt Braga, Architect, Cloud and Hosted Services at Kronos

Customer Story: Protecting Thousands of VMs

Hear from the leading provider of workforce management and human capital management solutions with over a thousand customers to learn how they implemented Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) to protect thousands of VMs to ensure their customers are always on and able to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Tal Hayut, Technical Support Engineer, Level 3 | John Coughlin, Technical Support Engineer, Level 3

Support Toolz – Troubleshoot Like a Boss

Do you like to roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty? Well, grab a shovel from Zerto’s level-3 support team and let’s dig in to some support tools intended to make your life easier across your entire ZVR deployment. Learn about what these tools are trying to solve, how they speed the process in addressing an issue, and see how the tools actually work.

Sponsor Sessions

Denver McKelheer, Partner Business Evangelist – Emerging SAAS | Juan Pablo Garcia, Senior Cloud Architect at Microsoft | Nava Vaisman Levy, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

Azure 101

Discover what do you need to know Azure to use Zerto in the cloud effectively. In this session, you will learn about Azure services are utilized by Zerto, learn how to configure them and deploy them. This is a hands-on session and includes several live demos which will demystify Zerto Azure deployment.

Dominic Anschutz, Director Global Cloud Team, Microsoft | Vamshidhar Kommineni, Software Design Engineer, Microsoft

The Microsoft Azure Opportunity

Public Cloud is transforming IT at an ever increasing pace with Microsoft at the forefront . The Microsoft Cloud is used by more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies. This talk, will explore the opportunities for Zerto customers and partners to adopt Azure public cloud. Topics will range from IaaS virtual machines and hybrid deployments to transformational new workloads like Big Data and IoT.

Doug Cliche, Solutions Architect, AWS

What Comes Next After Migrating to AWS?

Disaster recovery to the cloud has amazing benefits, plus additional use cases such as testing the cloud or even migrating to the cloud with DR solutions. What happens after the workloads have migrated the cloud? What decisions can be made, or have to be made? Various solutions and selections are now at your service, but why or when do you need them and how will these newly available resources help shift your thinking and drive efficiency?

Rob Commins, VP of Marketing at Tegile

D2D2T . . . Meet F2F2C

The storage market has gone through dramatic changes over the last five years. Many of the promises made in the early days of flash are coming to fruition this year. Whether you are considering ways to accelerate your applications or shore up Zerto RTOs, come hear from Zerto partner, Tegile, to learn about how the economics of flash are at a sea change moment right now and what exciting advancements are coming in the next five years.

Michael Harding, Technology Product Management & Marketing, Nimble | Jeanine Walter, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Nimble

How to Protect Your VMs with the Cloud Using Zerto and Nimble Storage

Learn how to combine the power of Zerto and Nimble Storage to provide full flexibility in the cloud. This session shows how to leverage Zerto to backup and replicate at the hypervisor level into the cloud, then we demonstrate how Nimble Cloud Volumes provide cloud-based, enterprise storage capabilities including snapshots, replication, and zero copy clones. Nimble Storage seamlessly integrates with heterogeneous clouds, helping protect for instance, from ransomware threats yet still maintain the flexibility to move data from cloud to on-premise and back. See how to utilize the power of Zerto and Nimble Cloud Volumes to protect systems, or individual VMs, across one or more clouds.

Zeb Ahmed, Senior Product Manager, IBM Cloud

How to Master Disaster Recovery for Enterprise Applications

Cloud –based disaster recovery is critical to any production environment and is a high priority for many enterprise organizations today. Nearly 40% of organizations have had to execute their BCDR plan due to a service disruption in the past two years. Zerto on IBM Cloud offer VMware and Microsoft customers simple, automated recovery of on-premise VMware and Microsoft workloads to IBM Cloud data centers. In this break out session you will learn how to meet RTO in minutes and RPO in seconds using Zerto on IBM Cloud. We will specifically focus on a Cloud Provider and IBM/Zerto Partner use case who can utilize IBM Cloud to build out their own multi-tenant DRaaS offering by converting their capital expense into operating expense. We’ll dive into the benefits of the solution for VMware and Microsoft environments and show you why to leverage this solution for ensuring consistency, performance, reliability, and ease of recovery for your critical workloads.

Aaron Shaver, Vice President & CTO of US Signal

A Framework for Success: Creating a Winning Cloud Service Portfolio

Cloud consumption has been steadily adopted by startups and new application developers. However, many commercial and enterprise organizations struggle to realize the same benefits in conjunction with their existing data centers and applications. In this session, you will learn how to implement a service portfolio that includes private data centers, colocation, enterprise and public cloud computing that will give you immediate successes and long-term flexibility.

Joel Daly, CEO of

Creating a Complete Cloud DR Strategy

Now, more than ever, it’s important for IT to consider all aspects of a cloud DR solution – from platform to security. Hear from Joel Daly, CEO of HOSTING, on recent success stories and the latest best practices for delivering a comprehensive DR strategy that drives outcomes for both the business and IT.

John White, VP of Product Strategy, Expedient

How could this happen? And why it won’t happen again.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, and in the last few years they have been plentiful, causing major impact to businesses and consumers. A common question during any disaster is “How could this happen?” In this presentation, we will look at some of the major disasters of the last few years, their impact, and how businesses are morphing their infrastructure designs by adding Software Defined Net-working and automation to ensure they are not the next to ask “How could this happen?”

Paul Ignatius, CTO, Navisite | David Marble, President & CEO, OSHEAN Inc

Real World Panel: The Why and the Learnings from Johnson & Wales University’s VM Replications to the Navisite VMware Cloud

Take a deep dive into Johnson & Wales University’s decision to change their DR program from IBM to a Zerto and Navisite VMware cloud solution. In this panel, Johnson & Wales University will share how they are saving upwards of 40% by pivoting their DR program while meeting their new requirements for better RTO/RPO and replication reliability. A key learning was that the RPO’s are far more predictable, but the RTO’s can vary greatly by the number of VMs in the VRAs; this means prioritizing your VPGs on failover. Learn why and how to avoid version drift between on-premises Zerto deployments and a VMware cloud can cause multiple issues and complexity.

Craig Halliwell, Head of Emerging Alliances, Pure Storage | Tim Driscoll, Sales Engineer, Pure Storage

Uptime is Free Time: How Pure Storage and Zerto Deliver Unparalled Availability

Pure Storage revolutionized the storage industry with the All-Flash platform that is Effortless, Efficient, and Evergreen, and has teamed with Zerto to bring cloud-based business continuity to the FlashArray platform. See how joint customers are using Zerto with Pure to create modern, highly-available, hybrid cloud architectures for their most critical business applications, including Oracle and SAP. In addition, get the detailed technical details on the newest member of the Pure product family- the FlashBlade- intended for elastic scale managing unstructured data.

Marc Crespi, VP, Sales Engineering – NORAM at ExaGrid

ExaGrid and Zerto Offsite Data Backup

With ExaGrid’s unique architecture, the most recent Zerto Offsite Backup of Tier One VMs in a Virtual Protection Group (VPG) is stored in a landing zone in its native format for fast Zerto VM restores and boots. Long-term retention copies of these Offsite Backups of Tier One VMs are stored in the ExaGrid repository as deduplicated data, resulting in a reduced storage footprint that allows you to satisfy extended retention policies at a greatly reduced storage cost. The combination of Zerto’s Offsite Backup and the ExaGrid landing zone plus repository offers the best of all worlds.

Stephen Pyott, Vice President of Sales, Stage2Data | Carlos Fonseca Senior Solutions Architect, Pivot3 | Vikram Belapurkar Senior Manager, Product & Solutions Marketing, Pivot3 | Dean Leclerc, Director of Emerging Technologies, Whalley Computer Associates | Shannon Snowden, Sr. Technical Architect, Zerto

New Options for Simpler DR Using Zerto and a Hyperconverged Foundation

Whether you are an enterprise optimizing your DR strategy or a service provider building a scalable platform for on-demand service delivery, underlying infrastructure architecture plays a critical role in the long-term viability of these deployments. We will explore some of the architectural concepts that make Pivot3 the ideal infrastructure choice for Zerto deployments. With simpler rollout, predictable scalability, market-leading efficiency and flexible deployment options, Pivot3 Hyperconverged Infrastructure provides a robust foundation for Zerto users and partners to deliver a modular, scalable, standards-based platform and embrace the Software-Defined Datacenter. Join us for this lively discussion covering topics such as multi-site DR strategies, DRaaS and path to the Cloud, followed by a panel of experts examining real world examples utilizing Pivot3 and Zerto solutions.

John Margiolis, Sr. Global Alliances Solutions Architect, Nutanix

Focus on the Apps, Not the Infrastructure

Together, Nutanix and Zerto offer the best of both worlds: fast, efficient storage built for demanding performance yet fully replicated and protected. The Nutanix and ZVR combination do not just operate in a virtual environment, they maximize the benefits that virtualization offers. The synergies and alignment between these two products tackle the IT manager’s toughest issues. Attend this session to:
• Gain an understanding of enterprise clouds built on hyper converged infrastructures and the benefits they can bring for running important virtualized applications and databases
• Gain an Understanding Zerto’s unique and differentiated approach to Disaster recovery
• Hear about Zerto and Nutanix’s complimentary capabilities that can be leveraged to tailor protection and recovery for your unique needs
• Hear real-world experiences from organizations who enhanced disaster recovery and management for their enterprise apps and data across private, hybrid and public clouds