Zerto Cloud DR Ecosystem Partner Testimonials

  • Bluelock

    “For our enterprise customers, disaster recovery can be a critical step in the cloud journey. Before Zerto, a true multi-tenant, cloud-based DR service compatible with Bluelock’s VMWare vCloud Datacenter Services was not possible. Zerto provides a secure hypervisor replication capability that will allow Bluelock to provide a disaster recovery offering with the economics and agility of cloud computing that customers have been seeking.”  –   Ben Miller, Product Solution Director, Bluelock

  • Clearpath

    “Solving the problem of data protection and business continuity in the cloud remains one of the last barriers to entry for large-scale cloud adoption. Zerto has enabled Clearpath Hosting to craft a managed disaster recovery solution that is feature-rich, robust and easy for our customers to use. It has allowed us to make an evolutionary leap in the way that we provide our services.”                                  –  Imran Ahmed, CTO, Clearpath Solutions Group

  • CoreVault

    “Anyone implementing a comprehensive disaster preparedness solution knows that offsite replication for mission-critical systems is the way to go.  Combining Zerto’s solution with the features and benefits provided through CoreVault’s IaaS offering gives customers the total protection they desire.  DRaaS is now simple, fast and affordable!”    – Raymond Castor, Senior Vice President of IT, CoreVault

  • CMT

    “CMT’s customers demand seamless and cost-effective business continuity into the cloud. With Zerto Virtual Replication and its VM-aware hypervisor integration technology, we are able to replicate a customer’s VMWare environment without the complication of storage compatibility issues or data corruptions. . This has allowed us to facilitate customers’ DR needs that we otherwise might not have been able to address.”    – Dennis Mueller, VP Innovation & Emerging Technologies, CMT

  • Data Solutions Group

    “Using Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication, we can on-board a client to our recovery cloud within hours. Many of our clients had in-house DR solutions that simply didn’t work. Now, using our recovery cloud powered by Zerto, they can regularly test their solutions and feel confident of recovery when the unexpected happens. Zerto is a core component of our cloud recovery service, providing a flexible base for clients to leverage our cloud and consume services on-demand.”   – Tom Bernadou, Solutions Architect, Data Solutions Group

  • De Novo

    “Zerto’s disaster recovery solution inspired us to broaden our cloud computing portfolio with a completely new approach for DR delivery to global and mid-size businesses. Their impressive technology can be a reliable basis for our DR-as-a-Service offerings.”                 –   Denys Emelyanenko, Head of ITO Department, De Novo


  • ECXSystems

    “We had a small public school with a very narrow window of time in which to fill an essential requirement for off-site disaster recovery. We looked at several solutions, but it was obvious that none of them would meet the needs in a timely manner and provide an affordable option for the rural school. With Zerto, we were able to fulfill this need in less than 24 hours, providing full replication of the school server room and utilizing empty SAN space at one of our off-site colo facilities. By the end of the week, we were able to perform a full DR off-site test. The IT director simply said, ‘Affordable and Stunning.’ That says it all.”  – Keith Willis, President, ECXSystems

  • Enables IT

    “Enables IT has over 20 years’ experience of providing innovative and bespoke IT solutions, and is the leading provider of disaster recovery and business continuity services in the UK.  Our extensive disaster recovery experience has led to the decision to partner with Zerto. Zerto’s market-leading cloud disaster recovery solution combines enhanced security with increased simplicity, and has allowed Enables IT to fulfill our objective of tailoring solutions to our clients’ needs.” – Harold Buter, Technical Manager, Enables IT


  • Foreshore

    “Foreshore is the leading offshore data center for cloud computing and hosting in the legal and finance sectors. For these industries, business continuity is not optional; it is critical and often required by regulators. Before cloud computing, a fully operational DR site was a costly business, but that’s not the case today. We can now offer 100% SLAs for many of our services, and customers have the ability to invoke their DR plans on our cloud platform at a moment’s notice.”

    “Using Zerto Virtual Replication, our customers can replicate Virtual Machines from existing on-premises virtualized VMWare environments directly into our vCloud infrastructure to allow failover, failback, and non-disruptive testing. Replication at the hypervisor layer is a game changer.”       – Derek Fage, Technical Director, Foreshore

  • Hegerys

    “Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication makes DR to the cloud easier by providing per-VM and per-application DR, which is not possible with traditional array-based replication. With array-based solutions, we had to dedicate one infrastructure per customer. Now, with Zerto, we don’t have storage constraints, which provides the benefit of simple DR setup and configuration.”

    “Not all customers are ready to move to the cloud. The Zerto BC/DR approach, using our VMWare vCloud Director platform as a replication site, is a convenient way for us to offer additional cloud services — in this case BC/DR — without large expenditure. We are educating customers on the benefits of the cloud by starting with cloud DR powered by Zerto. The per-VM and per-application granularity of Zerto’s solution is a huge improvement for our customers’ mission-critical applications. In the past, customers did their best to place applications on dedicated LUNs to ensure DR application granularity, but that approach has a lot of drawbacks, including LUN size limitation and lack of cloud compatibility. Today our customers are able to protect complex multi-tiered applications, including Oracle databases, application servers, web front-end and essentially any other mission-critical application.”      – Morgan Fellous, Cloud Director of Hegerys, Magic Online Group

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