BC/DR for Healthcare

Patient and healthcare information is possibly the most highly regulated information on the planet, yet to deliver effective care, it must be available to healthcare professionals at all times. Making this difficult is that healthcare applications are typically very temperamental and complex – ensuring their availability is challenging.

Zerto Virtual Replication protects in the hypervisor, increasing the stability of the BC/DR strategy as it interacts with the hypervisor, and not the application itself. Medical applications are carefully configured so re-architecting them for any reason is challenging and could invalidate support agreements. Zerto Virtual Replication installs seamlessly into the existing infrastructure with no hardware or software reconfigurations required.

How Zerto solves Healthcare Disaster Recovery

Zerto virtual Replication ensures consistent application protection across the infrastructure with one, simple BC/DR solution. The continuous, block-level replication ensures recovery point objectives of seconds and recovery time objectives of minutes, virtually eliminating downtime and ensuring that patient care will not be interrupted. Additionally, Zerto Virtual Replication helps satisfy many healthcare requirements including the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  •   Zerto virtual Replication delivers recovery point objectives of seconds (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) of minutes, ensuring fast access to information.
  •   Electronic Health Records (EHR) are securely available across the healthcare network — doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinics. Replication between multiple sites to one shared   infrastructure provides consistent disaster recovery across all locations, while reducing costs and ensuring secure data separation.
  •   Robust reporting supports compliance with regulatory compliance such as HIPAA and others. The DR testing report demonstrates clearly that a viable recovery process is in place should an outage occur.
  •   Zerto virtual Replication can replicate between different types of storage and servers, extending the life of existing hardware assets. Additionally, its simplicity means a dedicated DR team is not needed, reducing operational costs.

Finally, Zerto uses replicated data to create backups as part of its Offsite Backup functionality. Backups are moved away from the production environment to reduce strain, and this backup (like all Zerto functions) supports any storage, multiple hypervisors, and any cloud infrastructure.


Zerto Virtual Replication ensures the protection and availability of patient and healthcare data with industry-leading DR & Offsite Backup software so healthcare providers have access to the information they need to diagnose and recommend a course of treatment – fast. Leveraging a hypervisor-based replication solution eliminates dependency on hardware, reducing cost and complexity to improve patient care.

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