White Papers & Data Sheets

  • Delivering the Promise of Cloud

    Peak 10 had a robust platform for cloud services. Their current and prospective customers wanted to leverage Peak 10’s robust infrastructure for disaster recovery, but weren’t able to do this using a multi-tenant environment that satisfied Peak 10’s audit standards. Read to learn how they used Zerto and exceeded those standards!

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  • Cloud Fabric: Enabling the Hybrid Cloud

    Hybrid Cloud is becoming the preferred model for IT. Learn how Zerto’s Cloud Fabric is the infrastructure that meets your needs without disruption to the business and enables full business continuity.

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  • Zerto for your SAP Application

    Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) is highly dependent on their SAP application, and needed a disaster recovery solution to meet their aggressive demands. Read how Zerto Virtual Replication helped them meet their aggressive BC/DR demands.

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  • Zerto vs. Site Recovery Manager (SRM) & vSphere Replication

    Zerto offers Virtual Replication and VMware offers vSphere Replication – both of which are software-based replication solutions for vSphere. Read this comparison from David Davis and understand the difference between the two and find out which is better for you.

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  • Mission Critical BC/DR for VMware vCloud

    iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services environment is built on VMware vCloud. Zerto Virtual Replication is the only “off-the-shelf” disaster recovery product on the market today that supports this layer in the infrastructure. Learn how iland is using ZVR to provide a DRaaS solution that meets the needs of their customers/

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  • Protect Data Better with Zerto Offsite Backup

    Learn how Zerto Offsite Backup simplifies data protection for IT organizations and adds new ways to protect mission critical VMs using the same tool for both disaster recovery and backup operations. Download this white paper and find out how much easier it just got to meet your regulatory requirements and aggressive targets!

  • Provide a Complete DRaaS Solution for your Customers

    Based on Forrester’s research, 69% of IT decision makers are at the very least interested in cloud disaster recovery services. This demand has cloud service providers looking for DRaaS solution to provide to their customers. Learn how Zerto’s out-of-the-box solution meets those needs.

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  • Provide DRaaS to Customers with Zerto

    Zettagrid was looking for a robust “stepping stone” service that would showcase their powerful infrastructure. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) was the answer. Read this case study to see how they used Zerto Virtual Replication to provide DRaaS in the cloud.

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  • Robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    ABN AMRO Clearing processes millions of financial transactions a year and in order to minimize risk and satisfy compliance requirements, robust business continuity and disaster recovery is required. Learn how Zerto Virtual Replication helped them fulfill the needs and regulations they are required to meet.

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  • Zerto for Oracle and SQL Database Protection

    Stonegate Farmers have an operation that runs 24/7 with deliveries that are expected in a timely fashion and the needed to protect their mission critical Oracle JD Edwards with Microsoft SQL Server ERP application. Read this case study to see how they accomplished this goal!

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  • Do BC/DR Better with Zerto Offiste Backup

    Find out what Zerto Offsite Backup means for you and how it can help you do disaster recovery better!

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  • Protect your Oracle Databases with Zerto

    Read this data sheet for a detailed explanation of how Zerto Virtual Replication can protect your Oracle Databases.

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  • What’s New in ZVR 3.5?

    Read this data sheet to answer all your questions about the exciting new features in Zerto Virtual Replication 3.5.

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  • Can I Protect Oracle with Zerto?

    Yes, and you can do it with an RPO of 9 seconds. Read how Leupold & Stevens increased simplicity and protected Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and CAD design software.

  • New! Bakker Barendrecht Protects 2000 Tons of Produce a Day

    Bakker Barendrecht is a fresh produce company in the Netherlands, processing more than 2000 tons of fruit a day. The company needed to protect all sites with one robust disaster recovery solution.

  • Flexible Powerful Data Recovery

    In this case study, read how University of Louisville Physicians uses Zerto to meet aggressive disaster recovery targets.

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  • OVUM ‘On the Radar’ Report: Why Use Zerto for Disaster Recovery?

    Technology analysts at OVUM weigh in on Zerto Virtual Replication and its advantages over other types of disaster recovery solutions for virtualized environments.

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  • Simplify DR and Reduce Storage: HAPO Case Study

    With Zerto, HAPO Community Credit Union was able to achieve RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes and reduce storage requirements by 43%. Read the case study for details.

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  • Quiz Yourself: 10 Questions to Ask when Choosing DR

    Are you getting what you need out of your DR solution? Use these 10 Qs as a baseline to find out.

  • ESG on Disaster Recovery in Virtualized Environments

    In this Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) white paper, analysts review hypervisor-based replication and its impact on the BC / DR space. Will Disaster Recovery in virtualized environments change?

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  • Case Study: Zerto or Array-based Replication?

    With 988 stores in eight countries Kingfisher plc needed Disaster Recovery that could protect all branches of its retail stores – B&Q, Castorama, Brico Dépôt and Screwfix. Read more to find out why Kingfisher chose Zerto over array based replication.

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  • Why Replicate in the Hypervisor? IDC Tech Spotlight

    IDC research indicates that more than 70% of companies experienced downtime last year. How can companies with virtualized environments avoid expensive downtime? In this Technology Spotlight IDC explains how to leverage hypervisor-based replication for better BC/DR.

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  • What is Hypervisor-based Replication?

    A simpler approach to DR! Compare hypervisor-based replication to guest/OS-based and array-based replication. Read about Zerto’s easy integration with VMware.

  • Case Study: Backup Solution or Zerto?

    Read the case study to see how SGS, a global standards and compliance company, simplifies Disaster Recovery by choosing Zerto over backup solutions.

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  • Case Study: Can DR be Powerful and still be Flexible?

    How did Uof L Physicians manage to meet aggressive DR requirements and still maintain flexibility and high availability in their VMware environment? Read the case study to find out.

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  • Protect Applications, Not Just Data

    In this how-to white paper, you will learn that effectively recovering virtualized applications means more than just copying data.

  • Case Study: Berenschot Chooses Cloud DR from Zerto

    Berenschot reached out to ZXFactory, their IT partner, to evaluate BC/DR options, including an orchestration tool and a snapshot-based solution. Neither met the required RPOs and RTOs Berenschot needed. Read the Case Study to find out how Zerto filled the gap.

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  • Case Study: Fortune 100 Company Moves Away from Array

    Prior to Zerto, this well known Fortune 100 Company leveraged an array-based Disaster Recovery process with very high RTOs. Read how Zerto helped achieve RTOs of minutes and RPOs of seconds, and  to fast track an application migration.

  • Case Study: Disaster Recovery as a Service from Zerto

    Find out how duty free and retail shopping giant James Richardson implemented cost-effective Cloud Disaster Recovery by reading the two-page case study.

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  • 451 Market Insight: Zerto Virtual Replication

    451 Group analyzes the benefits of Zerto’s second generation Virtual Replication product and its impact on the data protection industry.

  • Better DR and Lower TCO

    Reduce DR cost and complexity! Align your IT strategy with BCDR designed specifically for your virtualized environment.

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  • Hypervisor Based Replication Data Sheet

    Got three minutes? Read our 2-page data sheet to understand how Zerto Virtual Replication solves the challenges of protecting tier-one applications on virtual infrastructure.

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  • Hypervisor-Basierte Replikation: German White Paper

  • IDC Product Flash: Zerto Replicates without TCO Challenges

    Disaster recovery is changing. In this IDC Flash, analysts Laura DuBois and Eric Sheppard take a deeper look into Zerto’s Virtual Replication solution. Read about Zerto’s New Approach to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/ DR) for VMware, which “replicates without the management and TCO challenges associated with array-based replication”.

  • Implementing Cloud BCDR

    Learn about both the challenges and opportunities of existing Cloud DR solutions.  Understand how using hypervisor-based replication for DR to the cloud is different.

  • Woodforest: A Case Study in Disaster Avoidance

    Learn how Woodforest National Bank benefits from Zerto Virtual Replication to meet their always-on, 24/7 approach to banking. By using Zerto, Woodforest can pre-empt  hurricane season and protect their most critical financial applications.

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