Webinars on Disaster Recovery for Virtual IT & Cloud

  • Master of Disaster Webinar: What Happened at VMworld 2014

    Were you too busy to make it to everything at VMworld? Were you partying too hard and missed some of the biggest sessions or booth activities? Or were just not able to make it to VMworld altogether? Does not matter! Watch our webinar to hear about all the important things you missed.

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  • Hear from your Peers: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Applications

    Tamas Nemeth, Manager of IT Systems at Transfreight, need a solution to provide storage-agnostic replication to easily replicate between his EMC and Compellent storage systems. Join the webinar and learn Zerto Virtual Replication was a real game-changer for him!

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  • Webinar: Cloud-Based BC/DR for IT Pros

    Watch this Spiceworks sponsored webinar with Colt and Zerto, and learn about delivering cloud-enabled back-up and disaster recovery. The webinar also includes a Zerto demo showing how easy it is to protect and recover your applications.

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  • Hear from your Peers: Can it Be? Simple Disaster Recovery is here

    Matt Compeau is the Senior Network Engineer at a large financial institution. As their environment grew, they were concerned they would not be able to meet their SLA with their legacy Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plan. Watch this webinar to learn how implementing Zerto provided the continuous replication solution that meets his company’s needs.

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  • Zerto’s Cloud Fabric

    Watch Zerto’s Jennifer Gill, Director of Global Product Marketing, and Storage Swiss’ Colm Keegan discuss Zerto Cloud Fabric and how it will help you address the challenges of deploying multiple hypervisors.

  • Webinar: 99 Problems but Virtual Application Protection Isn’t One

    Gregory Ireland, the Network Manager at Northwest Community Credit Union, needed a more robust disaster recovery solution as his banking operations run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Legacy array-based replication was not the right fit.  Watch this webinar with Gregory and Zerto’s Shannon Snowden to find out how he exceeded his goal.

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  • Master of Disaster Webinar: Who Cares about Hybrid Cloud?

    Many organizations are interested in Hybrid Cloud, but how do they get there? What is the potential of the Hybrid Cloud? What are the typical use cases? Where do you start? Watch this webinar to get the answers to the important questions

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  • Hear from your Peers: Robust BC/DR, No Performance Impact

    Ben Travers is the Senior System Administrator at Acushnet Company. He was looking for a BC/DR solution that did not require them to re-architect their environment. Join this webinar to see how Zerto helped them accomplish their goals.

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  • Master of Disaster Webinar: What’s new in Zerto Virtual Replication 3.5

    Watch this webinar to learn about the exciting new features in ZVR 3.5, including the new Zerto Offiste Backup, and how they will help you!

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  • Zerto and Forrester Webinar: Accelerating Data Protection with DRaaS

    Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a critical offering for cloud providers as it offers a non-intrusive solution for end users to effectively evaluate the cloud. Register for our joint webinar with Forrester and learn how cloud providers are leveraging DRaaS!

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  • Disaster Recovery can’t be THIS Easy

    Zach Dickinson is the Senior Network Administrator at Rapidparts. He was looking for a simpler DR solution to support VSS checkpoints. In this recorded webinar, hear Zach explain how simple it is to use Zerto Virtual Replication for disaster recovery.

  • Enterprise-class Disaster Recovery on Flash Storage

    Join this Pure Storage Webinar to learn how Zerto Virtual Replication, and Pure Storage native replication can be used interchangeably across Pure Storage FlashArrays to enable high performance and enterprise-class disaster recovery across all virtual workloads.

  • Hear from your Peers: Disaster Recovery for Healthcare

    After a significant outage occurred with his company’s medical records application, Todd Pappas, Network Engineer at Yakima Farm Workers Clinic, turned to Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) to make sure his healthcare organization had the disaster recovery solution it required. Listen in to here why!

  • Hear how your Peers: Protect Microsoft Applications with Zerto

    Sam Rainey, the database administrator at Commercial Foodservice Repair, Inc. had to meet the needs of a growing business. So they turned to Zerto to improve their operational and disaster recovery approach.

  • Master of Disaster Webinar: Migrate an Application in 15 Minutes

    How easy is application migration?

    Watch this installment of our Master of Disaster series and you will learn just how to easy it is to migrate and application in 15 minutes!

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  • Disaster Recovery For Universities

    Through its online curriculum, Saint Leo University enrolls students from around the world. If the system is unavailable, they hear from students, professors and administrators. Watch this recorded webinar to see how St. Leo is ensuring their IT supports an ‘always-on’ curriculum.

  • Hear from Your Peers: Leadway on Protecting SQL

    Leadway Pensure struggled to find DR that could keep up with the high rate of change of SQL Server. Hear from Leadway on how Zerto Virtual Replication solves the complexity of replicating SQL and databases with a high rate of change.

  • Top 5 Questions to Ask when Evaluating BC/DR

    Duane Dumont is the VP of IT at NxStage Medical. Duane will share the lessons he learned while looking for and evaluating BC/DR solutions for his VMware environment.

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  • Recovery is a Piece ‘o Cake: TenCate on Using Zerto

    Multi-site Disaster Recovery is complex! But with Zerto, DR across many locations is not only possible, it’s simple. Hear Jayme Williams, Senior Systems Engineer at Tencate, explain how DR in a virtual environment can be much simpler.

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  • Recorded Demo: Deep Dive into Zerto Virtual Replication

    Missed our bi-weekly deep-dive webinar? Watch this recorded version of our regular bi-weekly webinar and learn more about Zerto Virtual replication.

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  • Under the Hood: Zerto Replication Demo

    How does Hypervisor-based Replication work? We’ll show you in this short webinar about Zerto Virtual Replication. See a live demo and hear how one Zerto customer reduced LUN count by 40%. Ask anything in our live Q&A !

  • How HAPO Reduced Storage Footprint by 43%

    Watch this recorded webinar to hear how HAPO used to need 70 TB of storage at its replication site for array-based replication, protecting 130 virtual machines. With ZVR implemented, the organization now uses only 40 TB of storage – 43% savings!

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  • Hear From Your Peers: TenCate on DR Simplicity

    “Simple” and “Disaster Recovery” are not typically used in the same sentence. After having to restore a corrupted VM from tape, TenCate needed simpler DR. Hear from Jayme Williams of TenCate and see how simple DR can be.

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  • What topics were hot at VMworld?

    Watch this recorded webinar to hear experts discussing what to expect from this year’s upcoming VMworld conference.

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  • Bluelock & Zerto on Recovery as a Service

    How are customers using Recovery as a Service? Watch this recorded webinar to hear from from Zerto’s Jennifer Gill and Bluelock CTO Pat O’Day and learn about RaaS.

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  • Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery

    Hear from Steve Schoener, VP of Technology at Eze Castle Integration and Jennifer Gill, Director, Product Marketing at Zerto as they discuss trends in DR and the cloud, outlining real customer use cases to help you choose the right DR fit for your organization.

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  • Simplify DR Management – Protection in 3 Clicks

    Are you a healthcare IT executive? Watch this recorded webinar to hear how Mike Gelhar from Univita Health simplified Disaster Recovery with Zerto.

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  • Two Paths to Cost-Effective, Simple Cloud Disaster Recovery

    Can companies use the cloud to effectively protect mission-critical applications? Watch the recorded video to hear Zerto and Peak 10 discuss two approaches for leveraging the cloud for simple, cost-effective DR.

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  • Webinar Replay: Top Three Takeaways from VMworld 2012

    Missed our post-VMworld 2012 Webinar? Watch this recorded version to catch up on the Top 3 Hot Topics discussed at VMworld – including information on how the Software Defined Datacenter relates to DR.

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  • Forrester and Zerto Present: DR in a Virtualized World

    In this recorded webcast, Forrester analyst Rachel Dines and Zerto CEO Ziv Kedem discussed best practices for architecting your disaster recovery environment and how to select the right set of technologies and refine virtualization processes relating to data protection.

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  • IDC & Zerto present: Finally, BCDR for the Cloud

    In this recorded webinar, Laura DuBois, IDC Program Vice President of Storage, and Zerto Vice President of Marketing and Products, Gil Levonai discuss how to utilize the cloud for simplified and cost-effective disaster recovery.

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