• Zerto vs. Site Recovery Manager (SRM) & vSphere Replication

    Zerto offers Virtual Replication and VMware offers vSphere Replication – both of which are software-based replication solutions for vSphere. Read this comparison from David Davis and understand the difference between the two and find out which is better for you.

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  • Mission Critical BC/DR for VMware vCloud

    iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services environment is built on VMware vCloud. Zerto Virtual Replication is the only “off-the-shelf” disaster recovery product on the market today that supports this layer in the infrastructure. Learn how iland is using ZVR to provide a DRaaS solution that meets the needs of their customers/

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  • Provide a Complete DRaaS Solution for your Customers

    Based on Forrester’s research, 69% of IT decision makers are at the very least interested in cloud disaster recovery services. This demand has cloud service providers looking for DRaaS solution to provide to their customers. Learn how Zerto’s out-of-the-box solution meets those needs.

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  • Robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    ABN AMRO Clearing processes millions of financial transactions a year and in order to minimize risk and satisfy compliance requirements, robust business continuity and disaster recovery is required. Learn how Zerto Virtual Replication helped them fulfill the needs and regulations they are required to meet.

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  • Provide DRaaS to Customers with Zerto

    Zettagrid was looking for a robust “stepping stone” service that would showcase their powerful infrastructure. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) was the answer. Read this case study to see how they used Zerto Virtual Replication to provide DRaaS in the cloud.

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  • Protect Data Better with Zerto Offsite Backup

    Learn how Zerto Offsite Backup simplifies data protection for IT organizations and adds new ways to protect mission critical VMs using the same tool for both disaster recovery and backup operations. Download this white paper and find out how much easier it just got to meet your regulatory requirements and aggressive targets!

  • Video: Zerto Makes the Cloud Possible

    Cloud is supposed to make your life simpler, save $$, make you more efficient, right? It’s actually not that easy. Watch this video to learn about one of the biggest challenges facing Cloud adoption, and how Zerto is solving the problem with Zerto Virtual Replication.

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  • Be a Master of Disaster!

    NEW! Watch our Master of Disaster recorded webcasts to learn how to simply disaster recovery for virtual environments. Dive into how to do failover & failback, create virtual protection groups and more.

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  • IDC on Simplifying Disaster Recovery

    How can companies simplify Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) for IT and Cloud environments?  In this video, Laura Dubois, VP Storage at IDC, discusses a new solution for removing complexity from BCDR, hypervisor-based replication from Zerto.

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  • vExperts Discuss the Replication Revolution

    vExperts Gabrie van Zanten & Stephen Foskett discuss hypervisor-based replication, including Zerto. “Zerto has a really good reputation in the industry already…pretty cool to see a small company like that to be a leader and the large companies to be the followers.”

  • Deep Dive: Zerto Replication Architecture

    Technical deep dive: Watch this whiteboard video to understand more about the ZVR architecture.

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  • ESG on Data Protection Challenges

    Watch ESG senior analyst Mark Bowker in this Research Spotlight as he explains the challenges of data protection for virtualized environments.

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  • Webinar: 99 Problems but Virtual Application Protection Isn’t One

    Gregory Ireland, the Network Manager at Northwest Community Credit Union, needed a more robust disaster recovery solution as his banking operations run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Legacy array-based replication was not the right fit.  Watch this webinar with Gregory and Zerto’s Shannon Snowden to find out how he exceeded his goal.

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  • Master of Disaster Webinar: Who Cares about Hybrid Cloud?

    Many organizations are interested in Hybrid Cloud, but how do they get there? What is the potential of the Hybrid Cloud? What are the typical use cases? Where do you start? Watch this webinar to get the answers to the important questions

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  • Hear from your Peers: Robust BC/DR, No Performance Impact

    Ben Travers is the Senior System Administrator at Acushnet Company. He was looking for a BC/DR solution that did not require them to re-architect their environment. Join this webinar to see how Zerto helped them accomplish their goals.

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  • Zerto and Forrester Webinar: Accelerating Data Protection with DRaaS

    Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a critical offering for cloud providers as it offers a non-intrusive solution for end users to effectively evaluate the cloud. Register for our joint webinar with Forrester and learn how cloud providers are leveraging DRaaS!

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  • Master of Disaster Webinar: What’s new in Zerto Virtual Replication 3.5

    Watch this webinar to learn about the exciting new features in ZVR 3.5, including the new Zerto Offiste Backup, and how they will help you!

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  • Disaster Recovery can’t be THIS Easy

    Zach Dickinson is the Senior Network Administrator at Rapidparts. He was looking for a simpler DR solution to support VSS checkpoints. In this recorded webinar, hear Zach explain how simple it is to use Zerto Virtual Replication for disaster recovery.