Zerto is proud to host a variety of resources to help you learn more about both the virtualization industry as well as our software solution. Below, please find our whitepapers & data sheets as well as explanatory videos and webinars with other industry experts.


  • Protect Oracle and SQL Applications with Zerto

    Hackney Learning Trust needed a BC/DR solution that would meet their aggressive RPO and RTO requirements, as well as protect their mission critical applications on their SQL and Oracle databases. Download this case study to learn how using Zerto delivered what their business required and more!

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  • Delivering the Promise of Cloud

    Peak 10 had a robust platform for cloud services. Their current and prospective customers wanted to leverage Peak 10’s robust infrastructure for disaster recovery, but weren’t able to do this using a multi-tenant environment that satisfied Peak 10’s audit standards. Read to learn how they used Zerto and exceeded those standards!

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  • Zerto for your SAP Application

    Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) is highly dependent on their SAP application, and needed a disaster recovery solution to meet their aggressive demands. Read how Zerto Virtual Replication helped them meet their aggressive BC/DR demands.

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  • Zerto vs. Site Recovery Manager (SRM) & vSphere Replication

    Zerto offers Virtual Replication and VMWare offers vSphere Replication – both of which are software-based replication solutions for vSphere. Read this comparison from David Davis and understand the difference between the two and find out which is better for you.

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  • Mission Critical BC/DR for VMWare vCloud

    iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services environment is built on VMWare vCloud. Zerto Virtual Replication is the only “off-the-shelf” disaster recovery product on the market today that supports this layer in the infrastructure. Learn how iland is using ZVR to provide a DRaaS solution that meets the needs of their customers/

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  • Provide a Complete DRaaS Solution for your Customers

    Based on Forrester’s research, 69% of IT decision makers are at the very least interested in cloud disaster recovery services. This demand has cloud service providers looking for DRaaS solution to provide to their customers. Learn how Zerto’s out-of-the-box solution meets those needs.

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  • Leupold and Stevens’ 7 Second RPO for Oracle Protection

    Watch this video and learn how Zac Streelman, Datacenter Manager at Leupold and Stevens, protects his manufacturing operations built on Oracle, SQL and more with Zerto Virtual Replication; all while experiencing an RPO of 7 seconds!

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  • Replicating and Recovering VMs to Amazon Web Services with Zerto

    With the Zerto Virtual Replication 4.0 release coming up, we wanted to share with you some of the new features you will enjoy. Watch this short demo, highlighting one of those feature, and learn how you will be able to replicate and recover your VMs to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Zerto.

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  • Premier Replicates a 600 VM Environment with Zerto

    Watch this video and find out how Bob Lanning, Senior Systems Engineer at Premier Inc. was able to reduce his recovery time objective from 24 hours to minutes in a 600 VM environment with over 100 TBs of storage, by using Zerto.

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  • Video: Zerto Makes the Cloud Possible

    Cloud is supposed to make your life simpler, save $$, make you more efficient, right? It’s actually not that easy. Watch this video to learn about one of the biggest challenges facing Cloud adoption, and how Zerto is solving the problem with Zerto Virtual Replication.

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  • Be a Master of Disaster!

    NEW! Watch our Master of Disaster recorded webcasts to learn how to simply disaster recovery for virtual environments. Dive into how to do failover & failback, create virtual protection groups and more.

    Master Disaster Recovery
  • vExperts Discuss the Replication Revolution

    vExperts Gabrie van Zanten & Stephen Foskett discuss hypervisor-based replication, including Zerto. “Zerto has a really good reputation in the industry already…pretty cool to see a small company like that to be a leader and the large companies to be the followers.”

  • DRaaS Webinar: 60 Minutes to a New DR Strategy

    Hear from some industry experts about how using disaster recovery as a service can be the right fit for you and get you up and running faster than you could have thought!

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  • Master of Disaster Webinar: Preview of Zerto Virtual Replication 4.0

    Watch this webinar to learn about some of the main features in our latest update of ZVR 4.0, including: support for Hyper-V, cross-replication between Hyper-V and VMware, and replication to Amazon’s AWS.

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  • Roundtable on Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

    Most outages are caused by hardware failures, power outages, and software upgrades – things that are in your datacenter or operations that you carry out every day.Watch and learn how the Zerto Cloud Ecosystem, comprised with hundreds of Cloud Service Providers, offers a great disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution to protect your mission-critical applications should disaster occur, no matter what kind of disaster.

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  • Replicacion Virtual de Zerto – Un nuevo enfoque para la recuperación de desastres

    Ahora contamos con webinars en Espanol, por favor únase a Ángel Azambuya y Fernando Quiroz para conocer la nueva tecnologia totalmente revolucionaria de Zerto que incluye replicación basada en hipervisor y cubrimos elementos importantes como: Entender los niveles de servicios extremadamente agresivos – los objetivos de punto de recuperación en segundos y objetivos de tiempo de recuperación de minutos RTO y RPO’s, con Demo en vivo incluido.

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  • Hear from your Peers: Healthcare Customers talk Disaster Recovery

    Join this webinar and hear how Healthcare organizations are ensuring the protection and availability of critical information and systems with Zerto.

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  • Master of Disaster Webinar: Virtual Aware Application Protection

    Watch this Master of Disaster webinar, with Joshua Stenhouse, Zerto Technical Evangelist, and understand how a virtually aware business continuity solution extends and aligns the IT strategy across production and business continuity environments.

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