• Can I Protect Oracle with Zerto?

    Yes, and you can do it with an RPO of 9 seconds. Read how Leupold & Stevens increased simplicity and protected Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and CAD design software.

  • New! Bakker Barendrecht Protects 2000 Tons of Produce a Day

    Bakker Barendrecht is a fresh produce company in the Netherlands, processing more than 2000 tons of fruit a day. The company needed to protect all sites with one robust disaster recovery solution.

  • Zerto Virtual Replication 3.0 is HERE

    Read this data sheet to understand all of the new features of ZVR 3.0 for enterprises and clouds.

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  • Flexible Powerful Data Recovery

    In this case study, read how University of Louisville Physicians uses Zerto to meet aggressive disaster recovery targets.

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  • OVUM ‘On the Radar’ Report: Why Use Zerto for Disaster Recovery?

    Technology analysts at OVUM weigh in on Zerto Virtual Replication and its advantages over other types of disaster recovery solutions for virtualized environments.

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  • Simplify DR and Reduce Storage: HAPO Case Study

    With Zerto, HAPO Community Credit Union was able to achieve RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes and reduce storage requirements by 43%. Read the case study for details.

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  • Video: Zerto Makes the Cloud Possible

    Cloud is supposed to make your life simpler, save $$, make you more efficient, right? It’s actually not that easy. Watch this video to learn about one of the biggest challenges facing Cloud adoption, and how Zerto is solving the problem with Zerto Virtual Replication.

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  • Be a Master of Disaster!

    NEW! Watch our Master of Disaster recorded webcasts to learn how to simply disaster recovery for virtual environments. Dive into how to do failover & failback, create virtual protection groups and more.

    Master Disaster Recovery
  • IDC on Simplifying Disaster Recovery

    How can companies simplify Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) for IT and Cloud environments?  In this video, Laura Dubois, VP Storage at IDC, discusses a new solution for removing complexity from BCDR, hypervisor-based replication from Zerto.

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  • vExperts Discuss the Replication Revolution

    vExperts Gabrie van Zanten & Stephen Foskett discuss hypervisor-based replication, including Zerto. “Zerto has a really good reputation in the industry already…pretty cool to see a small company like that to be a leader and the large companies to be the followers.”

  • Deep Dive: Zerto Replication Architecture

    Technical deep dive: Watch this whiteboard video to understand more about the ZVR architecture.

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  • ESG on Data Protection Challenges

    Watch ESG senior analyst Mark Bowker in this Research Spotlight as he explains the challenges of data protection for virtualized environments.

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  • Disaster Recovery can’t be THIS Easy

    Zach Dickinson is the Senior Network Administrator at Rapidparts. He was looking for a simpler DR solution to support VSS checkpoints. In this recorded webinar, hear Zach explain how simple it is to use Zerto Virtual Replication for disaster recovery.

  • Webinar – Hear from your Peers: Protecting SQL and Oracle Databases

    What did Kentucky Worker’s Compensation do when snapshot-based replication caused disconnects with their Oracle database? Join our webinar to hear from Rubyanne O’Bryan, System Administrator at Kentucky Worker’s Compensation, on better protection of SQL and Oracle databases with Zerto Virtual Replication.

  • Disaster Recovery For Universities

    Through its online curriculum, Saint Leo University enrolls students from around the world. If the system is unavailable, they hear from students, professors and administrators. Watch this recorded webinar to see how St. Leo is ensuring their IT supports an ‘always-on’ curriculum.

  • Top 5 Questions to Ask when Evaluating BC/DR

    Duane Dumont is the VP of IT at NxStage Medical. Duane will share the lessons he learned while looking for and evaluating BC/DR solutions for his VMware environment.

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  • Recovery is a Piece ‘o Cake: TenCate on Using Zerto

    Multi-site Disaster Recovery is complex! But with Zerto, DR across many locations is not only possible, it’s simple. Hear Jayme Williams, Senior Systems Engineer at Tencate, explain how DR in a virtual environment can be much simpler.

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  • Recorded Demo: Deep Dive into Zerto Virtual Replication

    Missed our bi-weekly deep-dive webinar? Watch this recorded version of our regular bi-weekly webinar and learn more about Zerto Virtual replication.

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