The Threat of Ransomware

Recently, we have witnessed the increasing trend of hackers attempting to extort money from both private users, and more recently businesses, via the proliferation of various Ransomware Trojans such as CryptoLocker.

These malicious pieces of software are designed to gain access to and encrypt data and files by generating a private-public pair of keys. The data is impossible to decrypt without the private key which is usually stored on the attacker’s server until the ransom is paid.

Zerto’s Solution for Ransomware Attacks:

Sometimes you just have to accept that prevention isn’t always possible, but mitigating the threat certainly is. With Zerto, systems are protected with Continuous Data Protection in the form of incremental block-level replication, which combined with the Journal, Virtual Protection Groups give you the abilities to recover from ransomware attacks.

Download this data sheet for more details about how Zerto Virtual Replication helps you mitigate the threat of rasomware attacks. 

“Most ransomware attacks can be avoided through good cyber hygiene and effective, regular data backups that are continually tested to ensure they can be restored if needed. Our recommendation is that businesses need to be proactive because the decryption keys are not always provided when ransoms are paid and being proactive is often easier and less costly than a reactive approach.”


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