Master of Disaster Webinar: Migrate an Application in 15 Minutes

Application migrations are resource intensive projects that take weeks of planning, execution and downtime. With Zerto Virtual Replication migrations are greatly simplified and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. The weeks of planning, execution and costly downtime are eliminated. Production workloads are up and running on the new infrastructure fast — accelerating the ROI of those assets.

With Zerto:

  •       Downtime is reduced to minutes, so extended outages or maintenance windows are not required
  •       Migrating VMs is as simple as pointing the replication to the target data store of choice
  •       Support for a heterogeneous environment allows for migrations between different types of hardware, different versions of VMware products, and from a vCenter environment to a vCloud environment
  •       Automated IP reconfiguration, boot order and other resource intensive steps accelerates the time to completion of the migration

JWatch and learn how Zerto Virtual Replication can accelerate your migrations!

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