Case Study: Zerto Protects Oracle Simply & Effectively

Leupold & Stevens has several mission-critical applications to protect, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and CAD design software that is used for product development. If any of these applications becomes unavailable, manufacturing productivity is directly impacted. The company investigated VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager with SnapMirror on NetApp arrays. The complexity of this solution was overwhelming its environment and its small IT team, who, like in many organizations, were asked to do more with less. Additionally, SRM did not offer the
level of testing and incremental rollback that was needed. Zerto Virtual Replication delivered a much better service level with a recovery point objective (RPO) of 9 seconds. It is so easy to use that the team is not burdened with BC/DR activities and is able to focus on projects and other activities to move the business forward.

The Problem:

Like many organizations, Leupold & Stevens virtualized for increased flexibility and agility. However, once it started investigating BC/DR solutions, it realized that with most solutions, it would lose that flexibility. The array-based replication solution with an orchestration tool was overwhelming the very small team. Management and maintenance of the environment was complex and detracting from the flexibility the company realized from virtualization.

Additionally, protecting Oracle is challenging. The application is large and ensuring the I/O gets replicated in the correct order is difficult. Leupold & Stevens was looking for a product which delivered write-order fidelity across the VMs to ensure the application was recoverable. The danger is, if write-order fidelity is not enforced, the application cannot be recovered. Leupold & Stevens trialed Zerto Virtual Replication and it was so simple, it seemed impossible that something so easy to use could deliver the service levels their Oracle database, Microsoft SQL Server and other critical applications require.

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Quotes from the Case Study:

  • “The flexibility and usability of the Zerto solution was the deciding factor.”
  • “Setup and configuration was quick and painless, and were completed within only a few hours.”
  • “We were very surprised to get such robust protection, especially for Oracle, with something that is so easy to use.”

“We were so impressed with this product, there was literally no debate about this company winning Best of Show at VMworld 2011.” Jo Maitland. Executive Editor, TechTarget
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