Are you prepared? Disaster Recovery Checklist

Plus: How Woodforest found a Safe Home for its Data

In 2008, Woodforest National Bank experienced a disaster in the truest sense. When Hurricane Ike passed through Houston, TX, Woodforest’s primary datacenter had to rely on generator power for 10 days. After that Woodforest decided to premptively “fail-over” the primary data center each June to a secondary site, avoiding the hurricane season. Today, with Zerto, all systems are protected. Read the case study and get a our DR Checklist to see if you are protected.

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Quotes from the Case Study:

  • “Now we’re managing our applications, not our storage. Our disaster avoidance strategy is ready to overcome any disaster.”
  • “We can protect and recover applications and specific VMs, not LUNs and volumes, thereby reducing the level of complexity in the event of a failover, as well as in our day-to-day operations.”
  • “Zerto automates and streamlines the recovery process – all while delivering the accuracy, reliability and availability critical in the financial services industry.”
“We were so impressed with this product, there was literally no debate about this company winning Best of Show at VMworld 2011.”
Jo Maitland
Executive Editor, TechTarget
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