Zerto vs Legacy DR solutions

See How the VMworld Best of Show Winner Stacks Up

Zerto’s innovative, hypervisor-based replication is a new technology developed to provide a true enterprise class, yet fully virtual-aware BC/DR solution to protect virtualized, mission-critical applications. This document outlines the fundamental differences between Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication and other current and legacy technologies.

Compared Technologies:

The current and legacy solutions compared in this document include:

  • Zerto Hypervisor-based Replication
  • Array-based Replication with and without SRM
  • Host / Guest-based Replication
  • Snapshot-based Replication
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager with vSphere Replication

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Included in the Comparison:

  • A detailed technology analysis and checklist comparing all relevant replication solutions
  • A comparison matrix covering features like point-in-time recovery, RTO & RPO, and cloud readiness
  • The five key categories of requirements for protecting virtualized applications
“We were so impressed with this product, there was literally no debate about this company winning Best of Show at VMworld 2011.” Jo Maitland. Executive Editor, TechTarget
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