Can mission-critical apps really be protected in the cloud?

Introducing: Cloud Disaster Recovery

Thinking about Cloud Disaster Recovery?  Enterprises of all sizes are looking at how the cloud (public, hybrid or private cloud) can provide a cost effective, secure and simple disaster recovery solution. The challenge is to protect mission-critical and tier-one apps in the cloud. Fill out the form below to download this whitepaper and better understand the challenges and opportunities for protecting mission-critical applications in the cloud.

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Inside this white paper:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service – explained
  • What are the cost efficiencies of Cloud Disaster Recovery?
  • Understand how Zerto’s Cloud DR works and its easy integration with VMWare
“We were so impressed with this product, there was literally no debate about this company winning Best of Show at VMworld 2011.”
Jo Maitland
Executive Editor, TechTarget