Can mission-critical apps really be protected in the cloud?

Introducing: Cloud Disaster Recovery

Today, enterprises of all sizes are virtualizing their mission-critical applications, either within their own data center, or with an external cloud vendor. One key driver is to leverage the flexibility and agility virtualization offers to increase availability, business continuity and disaster recovery.

With the cloud becoming more of an option, enterprises of all sizes are looking for the cloud, be it public, hybrid or private, to become part of their BC/DR solution. However, these options do not always exist. Virtualization has created the opportunity, but there is still a significant technology gap. Mission-critical applications can be effectively virtualized and managed; however, they cannot be effectively protected in a cloud environment.

Zerto Virtual Replication is the industry’s first BC/DR platform for the cloud, protecting applications in the cloud and to the cloud. Find out why Zerto might be the right fit for your organization.

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“We were so impressed with this product, there was literally no debate about this company winning Best of Show at VMworld 2011.” Jo Maitland. Executive Editor, TechTarget
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