Zerto CTO Oded Kedem’s Interview on vDestination Blog

This week, our CTO & Co-founder, Oded Kedem, was interviewed for a column called ‘The Virtual Boardroom’, on Greg Stuart’s vDestination blog.  Here’s an excerpt from the post — an interesting look at Zerto’s take on the future of the data center:

Greg Stuart:  Let’s talk a little bit about the future of Zerto. What does the future hold for Zerto?

Oded Kedem:  This point in time virtualization of the data center is already intact but we’re seeing everything moving toward the cloud. We’re seeing cloud providers building their infrastructures providing services for their customers moving more and more enterprise applications into the cloud. With Zerto, Cloud providers will be able to provide disaster recovery as a service just like any other service they provide…

Read the full interview at vDestination.com

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