A Brief Introduction to ZVR 3.5

We are excited to announce that Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) 3.5 is now available!  There are so many good things to learn about this version but just wanted to give a brief look into what is new in ZVR 3.5.

The big news with the release is the Offsite Backup paradigm, which will provide you with a brand new way to protect your data. This new feature increases the usefulness of data that is replicated for the purposes of business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR). A duplicate backup infrastructure is no longer required for backup, significantly reducing the overhead on the production environment.


Zerto Offsite Backup  will:

  • Automate retention management, ensuring that the following is available at all times per Virtual Protection Group (VPG): Daily copies for the last week, Weekly copies for the last month, Monthly copies for the last year
  • Configure backup start times and target repository
  • Ensure backup or disaster recovery operations are executed as needed
  • Review backups and retention times to ensure business requirements are met
  • Configure reports to be sent on a daily or weekly basis to provide complete backup information

Other 3.5 features will include:

  • Clearer status and activities for VPGs
  • Change datastores quickly without impacting replication
  • Enhanced Alert Handling (Include applicable problem and resolution information)
  • Deliver value with a rich  set of APIs to automate  management

To learn more about what else is new in Zerto 3.5 you can download our data sheet here, or view the video below.

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