Top Disaster Recovery and Cloud Insights: Two for Tuesday

If, like me, you’ve read all you can stomach about the new facebook timeline or the future of HP, you can refocus on what’s happening in our industry with our first ‘Two for Tuesday’ series. Each Tuesday, we’ll post two articles that covered interesting perspectives on disaster recovery, cloud technology adoption and replication.

In the first, Lauren Whitehouse of ESG writes a post entitled, “Strained or Broken?” in which she concludes that the state of backup/ recovery is in fact, broken.

“My takeaway from the many discussions I had with IT professionals is that we know that backup/recovery challenges spell trouble for most organizations, but upon further inspection, it’s broken.   Really broken.”

On the cloud front, @odedkedem, our CTO and co-founder, pointed out this InformationWeek article on the importance of cloud adoption by the US government.

“The federal government’s adoption of cloud computing is not merely critical to technology innovation, but also is crucial to ensure that the United States can remain economically competitive across the globe.”

Honorable mention goes to this post on the website.  The reporter tallied up the number of federal disasters President Obama declared (so far) this year and came to the number 84!  (For those of you following us on facebook, you can cheat on today’s posted question).

“Last week, when President Obama named New Jersey a federal disaster area for floods that came before Hurricane Irene, he cemented 2011’s ranking as the United States’ most disaster-prone year ever.

Through the third week of September, Obama had issued 84 federal disaster declarations at the request of governors. That is more declarations than in any year since the score was first kept six decades ago. And there are still three months left in 2011.”

Feel free to post links to noteworthy articles you’ve read this week in the comments section — and if you haven’t already signed up — we have a webinar TODAY at 12:00 noon EST on “Best Practices for Disaster Recovery in a Virtualized World”.  You can still register here.

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