This Week in Disaster Recovery – Volume 1

By Zerto, on 12 March, 2012

Welcome to a new, soon-to-be-regular post from Zerto, “This Week in Disaster Recovery”.  We hope to bring you some of the top news in DR, particularly as it relates to DR of Virtualized and Cloud environments. Up this week:

The article mentions an interesting example: “…Who owns data which is no longer handled in situ? When a company processes data in the UK, stores it on a server in Ireland but sends it via France – as it may have a subsidiary there – it is not yet clear which country’s law would prevail in a legal dispute.”   (I’ve finally found a reason to use the term “in situ” in a blog post.  Yay!  Up next week: “mens rea“).

- More than half (54%) are considering moving Disaster Recovery to the Cloud.
– Only two thirds (64%) have tested their continuity plan in the last 12 months. (Yikes.)
– Eighty percent said the complexity of network infrastructure is increasing.

  • DR to the Cloud Explained – This is a great explanation of DR to the Cloud, including things like SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and CDP (Continuous Data Protection).  It’s a post by Jacob Gsoedl on TechTarget’s site. One good quote, “The challenging aspect of using cloud-based backups for disaster recovery is the recovery”.  Yep, we’d agree.  Jacob doesn’t mention Zerto in the post, but it’s still a worthwhile read!

Feel free to post interesting articles you’ve found in the comments below.  ‘Till next time…

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