Zerto Disaster Recovery Discussion on the SIS Blog

On the blog of Zerto partner SIS, Michael Voss discusses the impact of DR on one of their customers, the University of Louisville Physicians.

Here’s an excerpt from the timely SIS post,  “Treating Disaster Recovery Issues with Zerto and SIS”:

“You only need to take one look at the news to know that natural disasters do happen, which could put your data and business or organization at risk. Even just a one day outage could cost your business dearly. It’s still too early to tell how badly Hurricane Sandy has affected industries on the East Coast, but the effects of the storm are further reminders of the importance of disaster recovery. Disaster recovery gives businesses, health care professionals, government agencies and other organizations the peace of mind that they won’t be in the dark if disaster does occur. Many industries mandate certain regulations when it comes to disaster recovery, and this is certainly the case for healthcare. Let’s take a look at one example in Louisville.”  Read the rest of the post on the SIS blog.

The post references SIS and Zerto customer University of Louisville Physicians, who recently announced that after trying two other popular disaster recovery solutions that did not meet their needs, they chose Zerto Virtual Replication.

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