Not All Data Centers are Created Equal

By Zerto, on 20 August, 2012

This is a guest post by Ron Offer, CEO, Integrity Virtual IT, a proud partner of the Zerto Cloud DR Ecosystem (ZCE).

How did Integrity Virtual IT, using a Reston, Virginia based data center, manage to avoid the failure that recently took out Amazon AWS in a nearby facility? Integrity and Amazon are even connected to the same electrical grid. So it seems that not all datacenters are created equal – therefore not all cloud hosting vendors are on equal footing. In addition, due to differing server and software configurations of various tenants even within the same data center, some experienced outages while others did not.

Enter, Hosted Cloud Disaster Recovery Powered by Zerto

Zerto Virtual Replication, when deployed as a hosted private cloud DR solution, highlights the underlying weaknesses of failures recently made public in Amazon’s AWS offering.  By implementing replication at the hypervisor level and leveraging disparate storage technologies, Zerto helped our customer in the Reston facility avoid an outage.

With Zerto, Integrity’s primary datacenter remained unaffected by the severe storms as did the company’s DR site in Chicago. The RPO for our customer’s business critical applications remained at under 10 seconds throughout the devastating storm and live failover testing to Chicago showed an RTO of under 15 minutes. And it’s not that the most costly solution wins; Zerto delivered at a significantly lower cost than traditional solutions that leverage SAN based replication. Faster, better, cheaper – Integrity customers don’t have to choose just two!

Who Benefits?

The SMB market will welcome the Zerto Virtual Replication 2.0 cloud offering with open arms as it delivers on faster, better, cheaper. An SMB that does not have advanced IT staff for managing and deploying virtualization clusters and highly available tiered storage can now get a hosted private cloud solution across multiple datacenters for a fraction of the cost. With RTOs and RPOs that measure in the seconds and an automated failover procedure, the only tough question left is which business critical application should be hosted first.

Integrity’s recent experience shows that Zerto’s Virtual Replication solution hosted in a private cloud slashes deployment and operational costs while increasing availability and SLA guarantees.

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