Under the Zerto Hood: What Does Hypervisor-Based Replication Look Like?

We just posted a 30 second Zerto demo on our vimeo page, in it you’ll see just how easy it is to replicate applications using Zerto.   What’s under the Zerto hood?

Zerto 30 Sec Demo from Zerto on Vimeo.

Video Highlights:
Single Pane of Glass: Zerto is fully integrated with VMWare vCenter, providing a “single pane of glass” managing applications and protection at the same time.   In the video, you can see Zerto simply adds a tab in the vCenter console.

Recovery Automation:   Zerto dramatically simplifies the recovery process by fully automating it, including creating multiple VMs, attaching data stores, changing network configuration and more.   In addition, Zerto Virtual Replication seamlessly supports all of VMWare advanced features, including vMotion and Storage vMotion, DRS, HA vApps.   This ensures seamless consistent replication even while VMs and virtual disks are moved around.   (Compare this to array-based replication, where movement of virtual machines is a headache requiring manual patching and processes.)

One-Click Failover & Testing: Many disaster recovery solutions require manual & time consuming processes for testing their recovery plan, translating directly into higher TCO for DR.   With Zerto, testing failover happens with the click of a button, with no impact on production environment.   In fact, the production environment continues to replicate while the test is running.   In this video, we’re replicating to a cloud — but the demo would look the same when replicating to a physical site.

One note: Yes, your speakers are working! The video has no sound.

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