Mimecast Outage

By Zerto, on 16 May, 2013

This just in – reports coming from twitter are showing that there has been a major outage in the Mimecast datacenter. Mimecast recently raised a $62.5 million funding round for their cloud-based email management platform. I was alerted to the mimecast outage on twitter by @Jon_G_UK who appears to be a customer:

We’re not in the business of pointing fingers at others – but in the Disaster Recovery market, it’s incumbent upon us to take stock of the types of failures and outages that happen, and to break them down so that we can be sure that Zerto’s disaster recovery solution will be able to handle outages of any kind.

Would we tell people not to use a cloud-based or SaaS offering? No – the benefits often outweigh the costs, and all datacenters are prone to outages. This one, with what seems like over 125 UK law firms that could be impacted, will certainly teach us many lessons about continuity plans.

One comment on “Mimecast Outage

  1. Ian Moyse

    An unfortunate message on the cloud. It’s a shame that all the good cloud availability never gets such PR – be available for years and be ignored, have an outage and the world knows!

    The issue here is that Mimecast positions itself as a continuity provider with a 100% SLA, sort of setting itself up for when such an incident occurred. Add to this their large legal base of clients as mentioned and you can see this is no ordinary outage.

    Ian Moyse

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