What do other Cloud Service Providers know that you don’t?

If you were all of a sudden the CIO of a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) you would find out quickly that disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and In-Cloud DR are significant opportunities.

There are so many customers that would like these services, but the challenges of setting up a multi-tenant DR solution have historically been cost prohibitive for CSPs.

There are several reasons:

DR is unlike any other service offered to customers. It isn’t limited to applications running on simple web servers,

  • It requires the customer network be connected to the CSP
  • Customers need to interact with their data at the server level to ensure failover success
  • Connectivity between sites requires the CSP have access to the customer site that is unlike other cloud services
  • Storage hardware and replication hardware must match. Having the same hardware that every customer has is very costly
  • Even if the hardware matches, the vSphere versions must match between the CSP and each customer for most DR solutions. Customers have their own upgrade schedules and they do not often match
  • DR solutions that are not hardware based are very difficult to manage and to scale
  • Traditional DR solutions require significant application development time to create portal access for customers
  • Traditional DR solutions are not designed to be deployed to multiple tenants
  • Backup solutions are often used as “DR”. These do not scale in the case of a disaster. Real disasters require orchestrating the start-up of multiple servers in specific order. Backup products are not designed to do this

At Zerto, we work with over 100 Cloud Service Providers. Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) is designed to solve these problems.

Zerto Virtual Replication is:

  •  Hardware agnostic — customers can have any type of storage from any vendor and any type of server. The only requirement is vSphere.
  • Integrated deeply with VMWare products like vCloud Director.
  • Built to support  multiple cloud provider data centers and they are centrally managed by the Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM)
  • Customers can be located across the globe, but logically organized into Zerto Organizations (ZORGs). The ZORG eases administrative functionality for CSPs by providing centralized management capability.
  • Easily deployed to customers and centrally licensed and supported.
  • Simple for customers to connect to the CSP’s data center securely in an isolated environment. ZVR is designed to keep the infrastructure straightforward and relatively easy to support for CSP administrators.
  • Multi-tenant by design, the same ZVR infrastructure is used for all customers.
  • Built for fast customer acquisition with the Zerto Self Service Portal (ZSSP). The ZSSP is an out of the box product that provides role based permissions access for the customer. The ZSSP can be stand alone or integrated into the existing CSP portal.
  • Able to support dissimilar versions of vSphere. Customers can have vSphere 4.1 through the latest version.
  • Designed to allow for normal vCenter cluster maintenance with no disruptions to replication. vSphere hosts can be taken offline for upgrades and support.
  • Able to integrate resource usage and billing information into CSP billing systems
  • Built to  offer much more aggressive Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). This allows for the CSP to easily meet traditional RPO and RTO expectations from customers, but also provides and new service level offering that can generate more revenues using the same ZVR solution.
  • The foundation for a DRaaS and In-Cloud DR service offering, which leads to increased revenues as more and more customers are embracing to cloud, in cloud and hybrid solutions.

Zerto has over 100 CSPs using the ZVR solution in production. ZVR has proven to be the most capable DRaaS product on the market and is validated daily by our CSP partners and customers. ZVR protects thousands of production VMs for CSPs and Zerto continues to enhance the product to enable even more service offerings and revenue opportunities.

So if you really are a decision maker for a CSP and aren’t using ZVR, it is very likely that your competition is and they are growing their DRaaS and In-cloud DR business. Find out what they already know. ZVR is a quick download and installs very fast. Try it out!

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