DR as a Service: A Win-Win for Enterprises and Cloud Providers

Back in August, I blogged about some of the reasons an enterprise customer would want to create a Disaster Recovery plan that utilizes the cloud for DR.  Being at VMworld Europe in Copenhagen last week — where there were many cloud providers and so many people discussing all things cloud — made me think about BC/ DR from a cloud provider perspective.   How important is DR to the cloud for a cloud provider?

Is it Just Talk?

TalkTalk_logo-150x150Everybody talks about moving data to the cloud. If you ask a CIO today about the importance of his cloud strategy, the answer will usually be, “the cloud is a top priority”. And yet, asking what has already been moved to the cloud will usually be answered with: “test environments, development environment, front end web servers…”. However, when asking about moving critical applications with real SLAs and budgets to the cloud, the answer is more hesitant. CIOs usually point to security, availability, performance guarantees, etc. as reasons that the cloud is not yet ready for their tier-one applications. DR to the cloud bridges this gap as it lets the cloud handle critical applications, without jeopardizing production (which stays in the enterprise data center).

DR to the cloud gives enterprises the comfort they need to see production applications running successfully and safely in the cloud, so they will eventually be comfortable migrating more of their tier-one applications to the cloud.

DR as a Service can simplify recovery for enterprise customers while reducing costs.  This also becomes a big win for cloud providers, who can use DR as a Service to get tier-one applications replicated to the cloud.   Once IT becomes comfortable with DR to the cloud, moving enterprise applications is not far behind.

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