400GB of Lost Data, What’s the Big Deal?

By Zerto, on 19 December, 2011

According to the recent VansonBourne European Disaster Recovery Survey 2011, one quarter of organizations have experienced data loss within the last twelve months.

“These organizations have on average lost around 400GB of data during the last year, with the following having lost the most:

  • Companies in France – around 550GB
  • Energy and utilities sector enterprises – almost 650 GB
  • Companies with more than 3000 employees – more than 600GB

What is 400GB of data?  Is losing it a big deal? 

Let’s take a look at what losing 400GB of data would mean for your organization.

  • A typical record in your company’s CRM is 100k, so losing 400GB of data would wipe out all of your sales team contacts and then some, up to 4,000,000 records.
  • An MRI series (group of scans) can be 100MB to 500MB*, so losing 400 GB of data would wipe out between 800 and 4000 patient records.
  • In 6 months, I’ve used about 1GB of email storage.  If I’m typical, losing 400GB would wipe out 6 months of emails for every single person in a 400 person company.

Yes, losing 400 GB of data is going to have a major material impact on your organization.  A smaller company might not survive this degree of data loss. Even a large organization will spend significant time and money trying to recover that data, not to mention employees’ lost productivity and compensation for customers and clients. Your data is crucial to the bottom line, and protecting it should be a top priority.


*information from Advocate Healthcare

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