The Launch of Virtually Sober

Joshua-169x300Joshua Stenhouse, our Solutions Engineer in the UK is often talking about how he uses PowerShell scripting to extend the functionality of Zerto. When we talked about getting him to post some of these examples on our blog, he prepared a list of over 25 scripts he had written to extend Zerto functionality for things like recovering files and folders using PowerShell,  automating reports on un-protected VMs and  scheduling VPG cloning. It became clear that Joshua needed a blog of his own to cover all of the ins and outs of scripting with Zerto.

We’re excited to announce that his blog, “Virtually Sober” went live this week!  Those of you who have had the fortune to meet Joshua will recognize just how well the title of his blog fits! Joshua also tells a bit of his journey to Zerto on the blog.

In his words,

“I will be blogging about common queries I often come across in my role as Solutions Engineer for Zerto, as well as cool Zerto features, but I will mainly cover the many different PowerShell scripts I write in my spare time to extend the functionality of Zerto. Some of the scripts I will be releasing as standalone tools. For these I will create a new page dedicated to each tool to go into more detail.”

In his first scripting post, on best practices when scripting with Zerto, he sets the stage for some of the posts that will follow.

Please visit Joshua’s blog here.

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