• Benefits of Zerto for VMware VSAN

    By Zerto, on 21 October, 2014

    By Joshua Stenhouse, Zerto Senior Solutions Engineer Last week at VMWorld Barcelona 2014 there was a lot of talk about VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) 5.5and all its capabilities. As a direct result we received many questions about Zerto’s ability to provide full support for VMware VSAN. We wanted to address that question with a wholehearted, …

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  • Scary Disaster Recovery Stories

    By Zerto, on 13 October, 2014

    Turn on your lights and lock your doors! It’s time for Tales from the IT Crypt… We’ve all got a story, an IT disaster story, that spooked us into taking DR seriously. Unplanned outages, deletions, natural disasters… This year Zerto is asking for your most frightening IT story. Plus, we’ve got some good spooky ones we …

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  • Tired of Not Being Able to Believe in Your Storage Vendor? Become an Agnostic with Zerto

    By Zerto, on 24 September, 2014

    By Shannon Snowden, Zerto’s Sr. Technical Marketing Architect Recently Nigel Poulton published a great blog post, http://blog.nigelpoulton.com/xtremio-craps-on-emc-badge/, where he eloquently laid out his disenchantment with his storage vendor’s marketing message versus the reality of what they actually sold him. This came in the same week where there was more than one Twitter battle between storage …

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  • Disaster Recovery and Horse Racing with Zerto

    By Zerto, on 11 September, 2014

    We are excited to be hosting a series of events at different race tracks throughout England. Join our ‘UK Race Day Roadshow’ and learn more about protecting your data with our award winning business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solution. How are the two related? During the event we will present a live product demo …

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  • VMworld 2014 Roundup

    By Zerto, on 9 September, 2014

    It has been a week since VMworld 2014 finished, and as everyone is waking up from their VMworld Hangover (aside from all the sales guys), we wanted to brief roundup of the event. We’ve got a full recap for you on our “What Happened at VMworld” webinar, but the highlights are here: It was a …

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  • VMworld 2014: Zerto Red Wed

    By Zerto, on 28 August, 2014

    Another great VMworld ended with another fun Zerto Red Wed! Some information on Red Wed: it is an annual promotion that Zerto does at VMworld. We hand out our yearly, creative red Zerto t-shirts and everyone wears them on the Wednesday of VMworld in order to win prizes. As you can see, VMworld was covered …

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